PSM 1000

PSM 1000 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System

The PSM 1000 Personal Monitor System consists of a networkable, dual channel transmitter and two diversity bodypack receivers for an unprecedented combination of audio and RF performance.

With a category-leading combination of the finest audio quality, robust RF performance, and touring-grade features, Shure’s PSM 1000 Wireless Personal Monitor System is the choice of top-tier audio professionals for productions with zero room for error. More on-air channels, and breakthrough automation that makes setup and use simple, yet powerful. Add Shure professional Sound Isolating™ Earphones for total audio conviction, start to finish.

More Channels on Air

Deliver up to 39 channels in a single frequency band with the widest PSM tuning range, ultra-linear RF transmission, and fewer dropouts than any other system.

Enhanced RF Performance

P10R+ twin-antenna diversity bodypack receivers with advanced digital signal processing technology dramatically improve signal reception and increase range

Dual-Channel, Networkable Transmitter

Expand your wireless control. Simplify setup for high channel counts. The P10T is a full-rack, dual-channel transmitter housed in a touring-grade, all-metal chassis, with networked control via ethernet

Wireless Workbench. Smarter Network Management

PSM 1000 is fully networkable with Shure Wireless Workbench® software. From pre-show planning through post-performance analysis, work with a friendly interface with more features for professional monitoring and management of your entire wireless system.

  • Up to 72 MHz Tuning Bandwidth (region dependent) provides flexibility in today’s crowded and unpredictable RF environments.
  • P10T is a full-rack, dual-channel wireless transmitter housed in a touring-grade, all-metal chassis
  • P10R+ diversity analog/digital bodypack receiver offers advanced digital signal processing technology that delivers unparalleled audio quality with more headroom, better stereo separation, and higher fidelity
  • Networked control via Ethernet connection vastly simplifies setup for high channel counts and enables remote control via Wireless Workbench® software
  • Internal power supply with IEC in/out ports enables easy power chaining in the rack
  • Precision front-end RF filtering reduces RF interference for a cleaner, stronger RF signal, fewer dropouts, and less audible artifacts
  • CueMode allows monitoring of different stage mixes and storing of up to 20 separate channels on one bodypack for quick and easy reference
  • Patented Audio Reference Companding provides natural and transparent sound
  • Backwards compatibility with PSM® 900 receivers for simplified inventory management

Case Studies

UHF-R At Domstufen Erfurt, Germany

UHF-R At Domstufen Erfurt, Germany

Shure UHF-R scored due to its diverse setup, control and management capabilities

Shure Microflex Complete Wireless Ensures Continuity for a German District Council

Shure Microflex Complete Wireless Ensures Continuity for a German District Council

The integration of a conference system for political meetings can already be a complex task in normal times - however, a district council meeting with 64 microphone units in a converted gym was a new challenge even for an experienced AV specialist like Kohl UG.

Shure delivers flawless audio for “jagged little pill” musical

Shure delivers flawless audio for “jagged little pill” musical

The American Repertory Theater at Harvard University (A.R.T.) and renowned sound designer Jonathan Deans selected the Shure Axient® Digital wireless microphone system and ADX series transmitters to provide clear and precise audio support for the world premiere of the rock musical, “Jagged Little Pill.”





P10T Wireless Transmitter

Shure’s P10T Full-Rack, Dual-Channel Wireless Transmitter combines state-of-the-art technology with touring-grade features for professional monitoring applications of any size with no room for error.



P10R Diversity Wireless Bodypack Receiver

Low profile stereo bodypack receiver for use with the PSM 1000 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System



P10R+ Diversity bodypack receiver

Shure’s P10R+ is a low-profile, diversity bodypack receiver for use with the PSM® 1000 Personal Monitor System.



SBC800-UK 8-Up Battery Charger


SBC200 Dual Docking Recharging Station


SBC210-UK 2-Bay Battery Charger


SBC-AX Charging module


SBC-DC DC Volt Adapter


Directional Antenna


HA-8089 Helical Antenna


Coaxial Cable


Coaxial Cable


Coaxial Cable


Neoprene Bodypack Arm Pouch


UA505 Antenna Mounting Bracket Kit




UA8 ½ Wave Dipole Antenna


Water-Resistant Cover for P9RA and P10R


Replacement Antennas: UA700, UA700-V, UA710, UA720, UA730, UA700Z17, UA700Z18


Antenna Combiner for PSM® Wireless Systems


Antenna Combiner for PSM® Wireless Systems


Accessory Cable for use with Sound Isolating™ Earphones


Omnidirectional Antenna


Charging Module


Charging Module


Charging Module


Shure Battery Rack Charger


2-Bay Networked Docking Charger


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A modern audio network can’t do its job with outdated software (and the time you spend searching for each latest version is time lost). Easy to use and free to download, the Shure Update Utility helps you update compatible Shure products while managing all of your device firmware. Giving you one less thing to worry about.


RF can be both your sound system’s best friend and worst enemy. But there’s a software solution to keep the signal on your side, in any environment. Command your entire system with Wireless Workbench® 6.

Comparable Products

PSM 900

PSM 900 In-Ear Personal Monitoring System

The Shure PSM® 900 Wireless Personal Monitor System offers excellent audio quality and reliable RF performance to meet the needs of professional audio applications.

PSM 300

PSM®300 Stereo Personal Monitor System

Wireless stereo monitoring with detailed 24-bit digital audio processing.