SRH550DJ Professional Quality DJ Headphones

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SRH550DJ Professional Quality DJ Headphones deliver full-range audio performance with enhanced bass.

SRH550DJ-EFS: DJ Headphones featuring high-output bass and swivel earcups

Product Details

Where can I use the SRH550DJ headphones?

The SRH550DJ headphones have been designed to meet the rigours of the DJ lifestyle. The ear cups swivel 90 degrees to accommodate live mixing.

This is also a great choice of headphones for individuals who enjoy listening to bass heavy music at home or on the road.  

What sound characteristics make these the right headphones for DJs?

The 50 mm neodymium dynamic drivers create a full sound, and the extended, distortion free bass brings heavy beats to life. The listening experience is improved further by the closed-back design, which minimises ambient noise for a pure audio experience. A broad frequency range of 5 Hz to 22 kHz completes the DJ credentials of these headphones.

What features make the SRH550DJ a choice for DJs?

The sound isolation capacity of the SRH550DJ professional DJ headphones lets you focus solely on the beat, even in the loudest of locations. An adjustable headband with high density padding gives you effortless comfort for long hours spent behind the mixing desk, while 90-degree swivel ear cups enable easy one ear placement when mixing.

  • High output bass with extended highs across the frequency range (5 Hz to 22 kHz)
  • High impedance optimised especially for DJ mixing units
  • Adjustable, collapsible headband for comfort and convenience
  • 90-degree swivel ear cups for easy one ear placement
  • 1 - HPAQA1 Threaded 6.3mm gold-plated adaptor
  • 1 - HPACP1 Carrying bag
error_outline Professional Use Only
Recommended Retail Price
£69 £69
Klarna Pay in 30 days. No fees.

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Carrying Pouch


HPAQA1 Threaded 1/4" Adapter


HPAEC550 Replacement Ear Cushions



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