WA504 Mounting Bracket

Mounting bracket connects 2 half-rack products, like a DFR11EQ to a P6T.


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Compatible Products


P2T Wireless TransMixer

The P2T radio TransMixer is a transmitter and mixer in one unit. This forms part of the PSM200 in-ear personal monitoring system


SCM262 Stereo Microphone Mixer

Stereo microphone mixer incorporates 2 active-balanced microphone inputs with 3 unbalanced stereo aux level inputs for use in sound reinforcement applications.


SCM268 4-Channel Microphone Mixer

Four-channel microphone mixer delivers superior performance and excellent sound quality with low noise and a flat frequency response.


SLX4L Logic Receiver

Diversity receiver with logic-functionality - Part of the SLX wireless series


ULXD4 Digital Wireless Receiver

Digital wireless receiver offers a spectrum-efficient, RF-intelligent option for use in any size of professional sound reinforcement application.


SLX4 Diversity Receiver

Diversity receiver - Part of the SLX wireless series