Integrated Systems: A guide to Wireless Microphones

Richard Knott | 18/02/2021 Integrated Systems: A guide to Wireless Microphones

Wireless microphone systems are now an essential part of modern communications, from small performance environments, boardrooms and presentation spaces to auditoriums and civic chambers.

Recent and continuing innovation within wireless technology has created flexible, efficient solutions that are powerful, reliable and when selected correctly, provide great ROI.

However, with a myriad of systems and configurations available on the market, it can initially seem daunting. Which system is the best for my requirements? How many microphones will I need? Should I purchase a shared licence, or coordinated?

Applications are often varied, with endless possibilities and system outcomes. A system should be appropriate for the environment that it will be used in.

To help with system selection Shure have created a useful wireless microphone application guide that offers help and advice based on current best-practices for a variety of common wireless microphone situations. 

The guide covers systems recommended for use in most environments, while also highlighting the need for support in situations which might require design guidance. 

Licensing basics are also covered within the guide, along with commonly asked questions regarding frequency ranges and restrictions.




Available editions of the guide is available in different languages, if you require a specific region or language please contact us directly.

Richard Knott

Richard Knott

Richard Knott is Senior Alliances Manager in the Global Technology Partnerships division, working in a cross-functional capacity to bring the latest collaborative solutions to light with Shure’s key technology partners.