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Omnidirectional lavalier microphone designed for use in television broadcasting, sound reinforcement, and radio and film applications. The product includes flexible, long-life cable, belt clip, a lightweight design and aluminum case construction.

Product Details

What is the SM11 best suited to?

The Shure SM11 is designed for use in television broadcasting, sound reinforcement, certain radio and motion picture applications, and similar uses where a small, professional-quality microphone is required.

What are the characteristics of the SM11?

The SM11 has an omnidirectional pickup pattern, and its frequency response is optimized for lavalier use. It acoustically matches most stand or desk mounted microphones. The smooth exterior and recessed grille screen minimises clothing noise and the inlcuded tie tack and tie clasp gives you different mounting options.

An optional kit for mounting the SM11 on various musical instruments is available. See RK279

  • Acoustically matches most stand- or desk-mounted microphones
  • Small and lightweight for unobtrusive, virtually unseen operation
  • Smooth exterior and recessed grille screen minimize clothing noise
  • Rugged aluminum case construction
  • Extremely flexible long-life cable
  • Two mounting options -- tie clasp or tie tack
  • Convenient, secure belt clip attaches connector to belt or clothing
  • 1 - RK203TC Tie Clasp Assembly
  • 1 - 90A2384 Tie Tack Assembly
  • 1 - RK200BC Connector Belt Clip
  • 1 - 26A13 Carrying/Storage Bag
error_outline Professional Use Only
Recommended Retail Price
€129 €129


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