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Integrated Systems Portfolio Overview

The Shure Integrated Systems Portfolio is comprised of a variety of wired microphones, wireless microphone systems, mixers, processors, and audio interfaces. This course provides an overview of the portfolio, describing the target markets, use cases, and key applications where the products are used.

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Microflex® Advance™ Microphones

This technical training series covers the Microflex® Advance™ Microphones. You will learn the key information needed to install, configure and operate the microphones, audio networking interfaces, and DSP to enable high-quality audio for meetings and conferences. This training covers Designer Software and is comprised of the following courses:

  • Networking for Shure DSP and Audio Interfaces
  • MXA310 Table Array Microphone Technical Enablement
  • MXA710 Linear Array Microphone Technical Enablement
  • MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone Technical Enablement
  • MXA Network Mute Button Technical Enablement

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Fast Track: ShurePlus MOTIV™ App Tutorials

In this course you will learn about the ShurePlus MOTIV Apps. These applications allow you to record great audio and video to use for podcasts, interviews and much more. This course covers tutorials for the ShurePlus MOTIV and the ShurePlus MOTIV video applications, where you will learn how to adjust zoom, brightness, and focus when using MOTIV video app, how to stereo record with MOTIV in other audio apps, how to download MOTIV files to your computer, how to share your audio with others, and how to share MOTIV audio files as videos. After completing this course, you’ll be ready to demonstrate this product and its features to anyone and get started recording on the go.

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Wireless Workbench 6 Software Tutorials

Wireless Workbench (WWB) 6 software that lets you remotely monitor and manage your wireless gear without interrupting the production. WWB6 software lets you control the frequency calculation and analysis for supported devices, enabling frequency coordination for an entire event, show, or tour from one application. This course provides an introduction to the software and will help you get started managing your wireless systems and coordinating frequencies.

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SLX-D Technical Training

This course provides an in-depth overview of the features and functions of the SLX-D Wireless System. The course is divided into 5 modules and includes descriptions of the SLX-D components, receiver menu, as well as it's connection to the PA or amplifier. At the core of this training are the how to, set-up instructions for using SLX-D for a variety of applications and user needs. 

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Skill Seeker: Understanding Shure Earphone and Headphone Technology

Interested in finding out how earphones and headphones work? In this course, you will learn about earphone and headphone specifications, types of headphones, earphone drivers, as well as the difference between noise cancellation and sound isolation.

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Fast Track: BLX Wireless Systems

This course teaches you basic facts about BLX to help you decide if this system is the right to meet your customer’s needs. In this course, you will discover facts about BLX in the context of questions for your customer, learn about BLX transmitter, microphone and receiver options, and study BLX configurations designed for specific customer types. With the knowledge you can better define if the BLX wireless system is the right solution.

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Fast Track: Fast Track: SRH Headphones

SRH Headphones deliver superior acoustic performance, comfort, and durability to professional engineers, musicians, and audiophiles alike. In this course, you will learn the differences between each headphone model and the benefits that they offer.

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