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Shure Audio Instutute

RF Certification

Wireless Audio Demystified

Whether you’re looking to advance your career, improve your knowledge, or keep your staff up-to-date, see for yourself why the award-winning Shure Audio Institute is the industry-leading source for manufacturer training and wireless audio expertise. The Shure RF Certification program consists of three courses:

Master Class: Wireless Best Practices and Techniques

Wireless Workbench 7 Software Tutorials

RF Coordination Workshop

Why do Audio Professionals need RF Certification?

Are you ready to take your career in live sound to the next level? Then, RF Certification from Shure is right for you.

You know what it takes. You know the rush that comes when everything needs to go right and curtain call is in 60 seconds… you didn’t choose the easy way to make a living. The endless tours, late nights, tech rehearsals, site walks—nobody said it would be easy. You’re the first one in and the last one to leave, long after the fans have all gone home.

We’re there, at the big game. On the sidelines, in the halftime show, on the refs making the calls. In the theaters, at the curtain drop, when the house lights dim. When the producer shouts, “lights, camera, action!” in a national broadcast studio. And even in an intimate 400-seat club, the audience singing along to every word. It’s no accident. As the RF experts, it’s our gear that’s called upon night after night to make the show go on.

We get it. With the Shure RF Certification program, you can too. And that can turn into big jobs, where you’re the one called on to make it all come together at the next big game, tour, conference or event.


Why do installers and technicians need RF Certification?

Are overhead and labor costs on routine installs eating away at your profits? Are you making repeat trips to a job site to troubleshoot simple wireless audio configurations?

The age-old question: how do integrators keep runaway costs like labor from piling up on a bread-and-butter installation in a corporate training room or House of Worship?

With the growing number of devices joining wireless microphones and personal monitors on stage and competing for clean spectrum, these dream gigs can quickly turn into nightmares.

Sending your team to Shure Audio Institute’s RF Certification is a surefire way to keep them equipped with an advanced, up-to-date skillset; and you can feel confident in their abilities to use tools like Wireless Workbench® to accurately and successfully deploy wireless systems in the field.

This means less time on the job, fewer support calls and return trips, leading to lower overhead and labor costs eating into your profits.

Master Class: Wireless Best Practices and Techniques

Appropriate for all knowledge levels, the Shure Wireless Master Class provides comprehensive training on all things wireless. It covers essential knowledge for anyone involved in the specification, installation, or operation of multi-channel wireless audio systems. Incorporating effective demonstrations and real-life anecdotes from Shure RF experts, a variety of topics are covered in great detail, including the basics of radio waves and wireless transmission, best practices for antenna selection and placement, and understanding frequency coordination. Complete this training, and you’ll be well-equipped to face today’s increasingly challenging RF environment, and impress your clients by providing rock-solid, reliable wireless microphone operation.

The Master Class is offered both in-person and online, in order to suit your hectic schedule or personal learning style. 

The Wireless Master Class also serves as pre-requisite for the RF Coordination Workshop, providing the perfect opportunity for you to “level-up” your wireless knowledge.


Wireless Workbench 7 Software Tutorials

Wireless Workbench (WWB) 7 software lets you remotely monitor and manage your wireless gear without interrupting the production. Frequency calculation and analysis for supported devices allow you to coordinate the entire event, show, or tour from one application.

This course provides an introduction to the software and will help you get started managing your wireless systems and coordinating frequencies. View the videos you wish in any order or skip to the final exam should you already have knowledge of the software.




The RF Coordination Workshop

This intensive, two-day training session is led by Shure instructors, and takes a hands-on approach to dealing with real-world situations using real equipment. We’ll work through the most common challenges our customers encounter in clubs, live events, stadium shows, multi-stage music festivals and Houses of Worship. And you’ll be armed with the know-how to navigate the intricacies of wireless audio, with Wireless Workbench™ device management software, industry-standard wireless gear, antenna and power distribution units, RF filters, and more.

Unexpected interference from LED walls, pyrotechnics, broadcast crews; enormous coverage zones, multiple rooms and stages—anything that might spell RF disaster—we’ve seen it all, and we’re sharing the playbook. And maybe one day, you’ll find yourself running sound on the world’s biggest stages with us.

We’ll start you off with the basics, bringing concepts from Shure Master Class: Wireless Best Practices and Techniques to life in real-world situations. Our expert trainers will put your knowledge through its paces, growing each scenario in channels and complexity. At the end of day two, you’ll be primed to take on the challenges of RF coordination.


The Shure Master Class: Wireless Best Practices and Techniques and RF Coordination Workshop are eligible for AVIXA CTS-RU credits. Visit the AVIXA CTS RU Provider website for details about applicable credits.