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Training Program for Audio Professionals

The Shure Pro Audio Training is a comprehensive and wide-ranging online learning program for audio professionals in the fields of live performance, production, AV rental, and film & location sound.
Packing decades of Shure’s industry-leading expertise and knowledge into a series of training programs, the program covers a range of topics designed to help working audio professionals gain knowledge and enhance the skills you need on the job. Whether you are just getting started in AV industry, wanting to brush up on the fundamental concepts, or you want to advance your career, the Pro Audio Training from Shure takes you to the next level.
The program is divided into three levels:

Level 1:

To become a successful audio professional, it takes a strong understanding of the industry basics. While learning on the job with real-world experience is invaluable, fundamental concepts covering microphones, wireless, and other technologies can help you to move ahead quicker.

Level 2:
Shure Product Training

Audio professionals know that in order to be the best, you need to stay on top of the latest advancements in products and technology. In Level 2, the program focuses on how to set up and use professional Shure solutions, including microphones, wireless systems, software and RF tools that have become industry standards.

Level 3:
Advanced Application Training

Level 3 builds on fundamentals and product trainings from Level 1 and Level 2, providing targeted training for a variety of professional applications, such as theater, houses of worship, broadcast, and film & location sound. This training approaches audio challenges from a complete system perspective, addressing concerns and challenges in audio, wireless, networking, and more, to enable you to successfully set up and deploy audio systems.


Get Started

How to enroll into courses within the Pro Audio Training:

  1. Sign up / login to the SAI Online Learning Portal. 

  2. Click Join group on the right side of the homepage. 

  3. Enter the group key code for the Level you’d like to access:  

    • For Level 1: ProLevel1-en

    • For Level 2: ProLevel2-en

    • For Level 3: ProLevel3-en

  4. Courses will automatically be added to your homepage. Click on the first course to get started.  

  5. Courses that you have previously enrolled in or have already completed will not be added again or reset. Your training history will remain in place for you.

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