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Explore the brand new Nexadyne™
Dynamic Vocal Microphone!
Get ready to be blown away as we shine a spotlight on the latest innovation from Shure in our exclusive livestream event.

Because innovation never stops, the ultimate in dynamic vocal microphone design is here! Combining state-of-the-art acoustic signal processing and exceptional polar pattern linearity, Nexadyne™ Dynamic Vocal Microphones enable acoustically honest reproduction of sound, to confidently provide the exact vocal delivery required to every venue corner, every time.Built with the industry-standard of consistency, durability, and performance that only Shure can provide, Nexadyne 8/C (cardioid) and Nexadyne 8/S (supercardioid) are available as wired handheld models, and as interchangeable microphonecapsules compatible with all Shure wireless handheld transmitters.

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