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AONIC 5 True Wireless Earphone Bundle, Gen 2
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    AONIC 5 True Wireless Earphone Bundle, Gen 2


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    Triple-driver earphone designed to provide spacious, remarkable sound + clean, natural bass for a cinematic experience. Customizable frequency response puts you in control of your audio experience. Go from wired to wireless in this complete bundled solution that includes the AONIC 5 Detachable Sound Isolating™ Earphones, a wired RMCE-UNI communication cable and the True Wireless Secure Fit Adapters, Gen 2.

    Shure Product Benefits

    Spacious, remarkable sound + clean, natural bass through three high-definition balanced armature drivers.

    Customizable frequency response Select balanced, warm or bright audio through removable nozzles.

    Ergonomic low-profile design

    Sound Isolating™ technology blocks out noise

    Secure, over-ear fit

    Detachable connection

    2-year warranty

    Available in crystal clear, gloss red + clear, matte black + clear

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