For Those Who Tour: Welcome to Sweet Home Chicago

For Those Who Tour: Welcome to Sweet Home Chicago

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For Those Who Tour: Welcome to Sweet Home Chicago

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Ask any touring musician and you’ll hear stories of couch-surfing, cheap motels and the problem of where to park the van. But in Chicago, Shure has created a home for artists on the road.

Every successful musician had to start somewhere, and for most, it was the bedroom, the basement or the garage. Those early behind-closed-door explorations led the lucky few to performing at sold out arenas around the world. For others, those days, weeks and years of listening to a recording and trying to nail a lick are cherished memories. 

For almost 100 years, Shure has been right there, supporting musicians of all levels with innovations that led to the development of the world’s best selling, most reliable and affordable microphones. A commitment to supporting artists of all kinds is not only one of the company’s most important pillars, it’s part of our DNA.

We know that making the journey from the bedroom to the club or festival stage presents a whole new set of challenges. Booking a tour, harnessing the power of social media and surviving the hard costs of touring, including housing, can be overwhelming.  

Introducing For Those Who Tour (FTWT)

To continue our heritage of support, Shure presents “For Those Who Tour” (FTWT), a yearlong initiative to support, encourage, and inspire artists and creators as they take their talents on the road.

The program kicked off at this year’s SXSW. Shure’s Bedroom Sessions, designed to replicate the ambience of those early days, welcomed musicians, creators, and live music enthusiasts for two days of intimate performances at Antone’s Nightclub in the heart of Austin. 

The FTWT House Comes to Chicago

To continue the momentum, Shure has launched FTWT in its hometown, Chicago, Illinois. Situated near the epicenter of the city’s vibrant music scene, the Chicago location will act as a home base for creators—musicians, content producers, vloggers and others — as they pass through our city. 

The townhouse is furnished with premium features, including a home recording studio, artwork by local artists, accommodations for seven and comfortable lounge spaces. To help spark creativity, the space is outfitted with Shure gear for creators to use during their visits. The only cost to artists and creators is that they share content recorded there. 


Step Inside

In addition to offering temporary accommodations for touring bands, the House will also provide a setting for smaller events throughout the year that will be open to the public.

But if you’re not passing through the Windy City, you can still keep up with what’s going on at the House by visiting the, subscribing to our newsletter, or following Shure on social media.  

We hope that by opening the FTWT Chicago House, we are amplifying our commitment to supporting creators at all levels. We look forward to welcoming artists into the Shure family when they pass through Chicago.  For us, the place where it all began.