String Instruments

String Instruments

How do you capture the fine, warm quality of your acoustic string sound? With Shure microphones that treat every perfect note with classical precision.

Finely crafted sound reproduction.

Stringed instruments get one-of-a-kind sound out of careful craft. So wouldn’t it be a shame lose detail to subpar audio gear? As your music spreads from sound holes to the back of the auditorium, our microphones capture every measure.

Learn how Shure mics can distill every nuance of your performance. For clubs, concert halls, or the studio. Get smarter amplification for your acoustic audio.

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How to Record & Mix Acoustic Guitars
Reproducing the sound of an acoustic guitar presents a different set of challenges to that of an electric guitar. When we look at recording electric guitars, the focus is on capturing great tone from your amplifier. With acoustic guitars, the focus is switched more directly to the instrument itself, and in doing so we open up a new world of considerations for the final recording.

If you own an acoustic guitar with a built in pick-up system, such as a piezo, it can be tempting just to plug into your audio interface and go. However, …

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