Axient Digital passes the test for Henry Cohen of CP Communications

Axient Digital passes the test for Henry Cohen of CP Communications

Customer Profile

Henry Cohen is a RF system design specialist with CP Communications, a full service production support provider of RF audio and video for major sports and special events broadcasting across the U.S.


To improve wireless reliability, increase channel count, and maintain sound quality in the increasingly crowded UHF environment.


Shure Axient Digital wireless with AD Series transmitters


Significantly upgraded RF performance with improved spectral efficiency, audio quality, and overall workflow

CP Communications is a full service RF production provider for major sports and special events broadcasting. With the 600 MHz UHF spectrum being significantly reduced, and the 500MHz band experiencing repacking of the remaining DTV broadcasters, finding robust, reliable wireless solutions is a critical need. Senior RF engineer Henry Cohen tested a 4-channel Shure Axient Digital system at two major televised sports events in large urban markets, requiring high RF channel counts across a multi-zone distributed antenna system.

Cohen found the Axient Digital platform very promising for its spectral efficiency, and for its new Quadversity™ antenna capability, which allows four antenna inputs into its receiver.

“Quadversity is a powerful feature. It proved very useful in executing a large RF coverage area,” notes Cohen. “Often, balancing coverage areas for overlapping target zones is a real-time effort, adjusting sensitivity and turning zones on and off as needed during the event. Quadversity eliminates a lot of that activity, making for a much improved work flow, which was invaluable.”

Cohen was also impressed with the Axient Digital RF performance, which benefits from a new digital radio with improved sensitivity for operation above today’s higher noise floors. Henry notes: “The digital RF system in this product is vastly improved, surpassing other Shure products as well as competitors in both signal robustness and spectral efficiency in both regular and ‘high density’ modes.”

Overall, Cohen found that Axient Digital will thrive in the difficult RF scenarios that CP Communications is constantly faced with. He also appreciates the fact that the Axient Digital receivers he buys now will be fully compatible with the advanced ADX series transmitters that Shure will ship in early 2018.

“The system has a great design, feature set, and build quality. Its integration of improvements and new features provide a real workflow advantage. All things considered, the new Axient Digital system is the best option in wireless microphone products coming to market to cope with reduced and more congested spectrum.”

Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
AD4Q AD4Q 1 Compatible with all AD series and ADX series transmitters.
AD1 AD1 4 Lightweight, durable bodypack with optional rechargeability and TA4 and LEMO3 connector options.
AD2/KSM8 AD2/KSM8 4 A rugged metal handheld transmitter with powerful features and a KSM8 cartridge. Black or nickel finish.
SBRC SBRC 1 Accommodates up to 8 Shure rechargeable bodypack and handheld transmitter batteries in a single rack space.