Live Streaming

Live Streaming

Connect with your audience. From smartphone streaming to sophisticated home broadcasts, Shure has microphones delivering professional-quality audio no matter your setup.

Broadcast with confidence. Every time.

The success of your streaming event depends on good audio. So make sure your message can be heard while gaming, podcasting or broadcasting live on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitch.

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How Does the MV7’s Voice Isolation Technology Work?
The new MV7 Podcasting Microphone has taken the content creation scene by storm since its debut late last year. Find out how its innovative Voice Isolation Technology and Auto Level Mode let you make great recordings in even the most acoustically challenging rooms.
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MV7 or SM7B: Which Mic is Right for You?
The SM7B has gained legendary status among producers, recording engineers and podcasters alike. Many will accept nothing else, but should they (and …
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Signal Path Podcast: Mary Spender
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with MARY SPENDER, an English singer-songwriter with a bluesy guitar style and a massive following on …
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Essential Tips for Live Streaming
Consumer-friendly devices are making it easier than ever for beginners to stream video on social media. SOREN PEDERSEN explains how to broadcast …
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How to Produce a Podcast from Home
Lousy acoustics, remote interviews and more: Recording a podcast from home can be a real challenge. JILL BEYTIN from the BEAR RADIO podcasting …