Fitness Center

Fitness Center

Fitness instructor headsets and microphones that power through the most intense classes. It’s great audio that’s made to move.

Get the class motivated with a “no sweat” mic.

Get a headset microphone that’s high impact in every situation. Secure, durable and sweat resistant, these mics ensure that you’ll keep your classes moving with audio that’s crisp and clear.

From quietly intense hot yoga to heart-pounding endurance sessions, you can lead from anywhere in the room.

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Looking for a headset microphone like aerobic instructors use

You are looking for a wireless microphone system that includes a headworn microphone. The headworn mic is a great choice. Because it is positioned so close to your mouth, your sound system is unlikely to feedback (squeal and howl) unless you are very, very close to the loudspeaker.Shure makes several models. The least expensive is the model …

Which wireless for aerobic instructors?

Most aerobic instructors choose the BLX14 with the SM31FH headset.