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When it comes to hybrid meetings, you should never compromise simplicity for stability and quality. By pairing the exceptional audio quality of the Stem Ecosystem with the ease of use and flexibility of the Airtame Hybrid Screen Solution, you get the best of both worlds.


Stem Ceiling

Ceiling microphone array


Stem Wall

Networked speakerphone


Stem Table

Networked speakerphone


Stem Speaker

Networked Loudspeaker


The Stem Ecosystem gives users a range of scalable and flexible audio options to connect simply to Airtame Hun with USB

The ideal combination for BYOD and the hybrid workplace, enabling seamless content sharing and videoconferencing with clear and consistent high-quality audio.

Standarize your meeting room audio throught your business or campus with solutions fit for any room size

When you want to go beyond the reaches of integrated microphones, reach for the Stem Ecosystem to expand in to your larger, flexible-use, or most-prestigious spaces.

Create custom Stem device mixes to ensure that each conference room receives optimal audio pickup coverage.

Stem's inbuilt DSP delivers echo- and noise-free and intelligent mixing, keeping the agenda on track.

Room System Setups

  • Shure + Airtame

    Small Room

  • Shure + Airtame

    Medium Room

  • Shure + Airtame

    Large Room

  • Shure + Airtame




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