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Shure Reminds Online Shoppers to be Safe this Holiday Season and Avoid Fake Websites

November, 02 2021 |

NILES, Ill., November 2, 2021 — With the holiday shopping season upon us, more people will be making purchases online and the potential for scams is increasing as watchdog groups are warning consumers to be careful about their online purchases.

Shure wants to remind people who are purchasing directly from Shure to confirm that they are visiting the authentic Shure website. Many scams include fake websites that have a similar URL with a company name included and are designed to look like a genuine company website. This dishonest tactic is particularly common with banks and retailers, and is now being seen with other brands as the technology to mirror the look and feel of a company website has become more advanced.

The only Shure website in the U.S. that sells Shure products is Any other website in the U.S. purporting to be an official Shure company website and offering Shure products for purchase may be a fake website designed to steal consumer credit card information. 

While it is very easy to be directed to a legitimate-looking search result based on a search engine query, sometimes those search results can include dangerous websites. The lure of deep discounts on those websites that look like an official company site can also be enticing. 

Shure doesn’t sell products through a factory outlet or sell refurbished or returned products. Beware of sites that include “factory” or “outlet” in the URL. For customers who prefer to purchase from an authorized Shure dealer instead of from the company website, the Authorized Retailer tool at is highly recommended to avoid purchasing from an unauthorized seller.