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Shure Celebrates 50 Years of the SM7 with Anniversary Signature Edition SM7B

The Super Limited-Edition Box Set Commemorates the Rich History of One of the Most Iconic Microphones Ever Made
June, 27 2023 |
Super Limited-Edition SM7B

CHICAGO, June 27, 2023—What do psych soul outfit Black Pumas and rapper-turned-gamer Logic have in common? They both rely on the Shure SM7B to connect to their fans when it counts most.

First released in 1973, the SM7 was built to be the best professional broadcasting and voiceover microphone possible. Evolving into the SM7B, the dynamic microphone has come to dominate pro podcasting and streaming, while remaining indispensable in the world’s best recording and broadcast studios. The SM7 line has a storied history, trusted by the most innovative entertainers, artists, and creators for five decades.

“In the history of audio, very few microphones have delivered the sound of as many generations of entertainers and creatives as the SM7 family,” said Eduardo Valdes, Associate Vice President of Global Marketing, at Shure. “The fact the SM7B continues to be adopted by new creators, artists, and broadcasters is a testament to the Shure engineers who designed the microphones and all those who have relied on its pioneering audio quality.”

To celebrate 50 years of its iconic mic, Shure is releasing 50 units of a super limited, numbered, Signature Edition SM7B Collector’s box set. The box set will be available only through a sweepstakes in select regions*. 

The Signature Edition SM7B will feature the engraved signature of S.N. Shure, the founder of Shure Incorporated, as well as a set of five custom backplates adorned with vintage Shure logos from 1925 to the 1960’s. The box set will also include custom packaging, a limited-print SM7B poster, heritage booklet, and alternate screw set emblazoned with the classic Shure logo.

Whether it’s big-time broadcasting, professional podcasts, streaming, or critical studio recordings, the legendary SM7B delivers smooth, warm vocals every time, capturing and enhancing the finer details of the human voice and blocking out all distractions. While the SM7 line hasn’t changed much over the years, it continues to be adopted by those shaping culture and has left a legacy all its own. 

Click here to sign up for the Signature Edition SM7B sweepstakes. For a first look at the Collector’s box set, stop by the Shure booth at TwitchCon Paris, booth #SW-5. 

Learn more about the SM7B’s historic impact on audio in our LOUDER blog post, “50 Years in the Making: The Rise of the Mighty SM7B.”

Interested in joining in the legacy of the world’s most iconic microphone? Order your own SM7B at

*Select regions include United States, United Kingdom, Germany, and France. 

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