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Shure Authorized Resellers: Putting Quality and Service First

Quality, service, and peace of mind: there are plenty of reasons why you should only purchase equipment from a Shure Authorized Reseller.
November, 09 2017 |

Shure works closely with a network of authorized resellers around the world. Why? Quite simply, we want to ensure the highest levels of quality, service, and satisfaction for our customers – no matter which product they have purchased.

"We take great pride in what we manufacture and everything which carries the Shure name," said Abby Kaplan, Senior Director 0f Retail Sales and Marketing at Shure. "We want people to be delighted by many years of use from our products."

The Benefits of Authorized Dealers

But what happens if you buy an item from an unauthorized dealer? It's important to know that the manufacturers' warranty for our products is only valid when you buy from a Shure Authorized Reseller. Even if a shop offers its own guarantee for a Shure product, this is often only the legally mandated right to return a purchase, which can vary greatly between countries. This is also frequently associated with extra shipping and administrative costs.


"When you buy from an authorized Shure dealer, you can buy with confidence that you will be receiving genuine goods that carry our standard two-year warranty," said Kaplan.


Plus, most unauthorized sellers don't have the ability to inspect items and make repairs if necessary. A Shure Authorized Reseller, on the other hand, has qualified service personnel familiar with our product line. And only an authorized reseller can send customer purchases back to the Shure service department.


Purchasing online from overseas retailers means that you potentially face extra customs and taxes, as well as receiving a product that is not intended for your region. Ending up with the wrong plug, operating voltage, or wireless frequencies are all variables out of your control.


Another potential pitfall that you avoid by visiting a Shure Authorized Reseller is the ongoing risk of buying counterfeit goods. In particular, you should be very skeptical of retailers offering products at unreasonably low prices. There has been a proliferation of English-language websites which are based in China inviting customers to "Trade with China Suppliers," "Buy Wholesale from China," and "Deal Direct with the Factory".


"It's often difficult to spot a fake Shure product, especially online," warned Kaplan. "On the surface, they may look very similar – packaging, form factor, etc. But under the hood, it's a very different story."


Counterfeit goods will not always cost far less than an original Shure product, but they are almost certainly of inferior quality and sometimes do not even resemble the item that they are attempting to copy. Shure regularly takes enforcement action against counterfeiters, but only by buying from an authorized dealer can you be certain that you'll receive authentic Shure products.



Finding an Authorized Dealer

So, how do you recognize a Shure Authorized Reseller? Easy: find an authorized reseller in your area by following the links below:





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