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Save Big with Shure Iconic Deals this Month

Are you ready to sound like an icon? Find the perfect audio gear to upgrade your setup with our special deals as part of the Shure Iconic Mic Celebration this month.
May, 01 2023 |
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Are you ready to sound like an icon? Find the perfect audio gear to upgrade your setup with our special deals as part of the Shure Iconic Mic Celebration this month.

We are offering fantastic ICONIC DEALS on select microphones, headphones and lots more to help you take your sound to the next level. First help us celebrate true icons of audio: the legendary SM58, the incomparable SM7B, the irreplaceable SM57 and the immortal 55SH.


Next, pick up unmatched Iconic Deals on some of those mics and so much more!

First up are the bundle deals including the SM58 vocal microphone and other items like headphones, an interface and a mic stand for podcasters, streamers, music students and even professors. The SM58 is the industry-standard microphone that delivers incredible quality and reliability. Mix and match it with the gear you need to sound extraordinary.


How about another audio icon – the one-and-only SM7B. Snap up the first choice for voice mic with some SRH840A headphones or the perfect boom arm and save big. Or maybe bundle it with both?

Looking for a deal on the MV7? Get a bundle that includes the versatile dynamic microphone and Aonic 50 wireless headphones. The MV7 offers both USB and XLR connections, making it a great choice for podcasting, streaming and recording. The Aonic 50s provide exceptional noise cancellation and clarity, perfect for monitoring your audio on the go.

Speaking of going wireless, maybe you’re in the market for Aonic True Wireless Earphones. This month, you’ll save when you pair Shure Aonic sound isolating in-ears with detachable Bluetooth Gen 2 True Wireless Secure Fit Adapters.  

Perhaps it’s time to upgrade your home studio? Save over $50 on the BETA 98AMP/C, a fantastic condenser microphone that is perfect for capturing high-quality audio from drums, percussion and other instruments. The compact design and flexible gooseneck make it easy to position the mics exactly where you need them, while the included A75M mount ensure secure and stable placement.


If you're in the market for a high-end condenser mic, we’ve also got you covered! Save $200 on the premium KSM44A! This large-diaphragm condenser mic is perfect for capturing vocals, acoustic instruments and even drums. The switchable polar patterns and low self-noise make it a great choice for studio recording, while the rugged construction ensures it can handle life on the road.

If you want to save $50 on the best pair of headphones you’ll ever use, now is the time to buy the SRH1540. These over-ear headphones feature 40mm neodymium drivers and a lightweight carbon fiber and aluminum construction for both comfort and durability. The closed-back design provides excellent isolation, while the included carrying case ensures they'll stay safe on the go.

Whether you're a musician, podcaster, or just a music lover, the Shure Iconic Deals this May have something for everyone. And with these bundle deals, you can save even more on top-quality audio gear. So why wait? Upgrade your audio game today and start sounding like an icon!

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