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Recording Music for Independent Video Games with Chase Bethea

Growing up, everyone told CHASE BETHEA his music sounded like it belonged in a video game. They were right. In this special audio report, he tells LOUDER how he’s fused his dual passions of music and gaming into a career.
January, 08 2024 |
An SM57 mic and Chase Bethea

Chase Bethea didn’t grow up wanting to make video game music – he was too busy playing them. After finding an old console under his grandmother’s bed, he quickly became hooked. And when he eventually didn’t start writing his own tunes, everyone said they sounded like the belonged in a video game. At first he fought it, but these days it’s his business. 

Chase speaks to Andrew Anderson about his early efforts at hip hop, breaking into the business, and why he believes you really have to love playing games if you’re going to write music for them. 

Check out Chase's tip to add brightness to percussion with a Shure SM57 dynamic microphone on TikTok here.

This report was recorded remotely with an SM7B and Chase's trusty SM58.


Andrew Anderson
Andrew Anderson is a freelance writer for Shure. When he isn't touring with one of his several bands, you will find him hunched over his desk at home writing articles for the likes of Vice, The Guardian, Loud & Quiet and more.