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Shure Nexadyne: The Ultimate Vocal Microphone for Touring Musicians

The new Nexadyne™ Dynamic Vocal Microphone from Shure offers professional touring musicians unparalleled tone, clarity and consistency regardless of the venue they’re playing. Meet the next standard in live performance microphones.
April, 30 2024 |
A Nexadyne mic in black

Artists on the road are all too familiar with how different they can sound night to night, going from a tiny club in one town to a massive arena the very next day. 

Vocalists just want to sound as “natural” as possible every time they take the stage, but the reality they encounter when the show begins is often quite different. Varying venue acoustics are a constant challenge requiring a good front-of-house engineer, time-consuming sound checks and lots of EQing on the fly.

But such headaches could soon be history for some lucky singers: The Shure Nexadyne Dynamic Vocal Microphone heralds a new era of microphones designed for the highest levels of live performance.

From the Model 55 favored by Elvis to the stage stalwart SM58 that continues to dominate live music today, the world’s entertainers have trusted Shure gear with their most important onstage moments for decades. So Shure engineers had their work cut out for them when tasked with developing a new dynamic mic for the next generation of professional musicians.


Their remit was nothing less than setting a new standard for live performance – and they delivered just that.

Revolutionary Revonic™ Technology

A revolutionary mic designed to cater to the rigorous demands of touring musicians, Nexadyne is based on innovative Revonic™ Technology developed at the Shure engineering lab at the company’s headquarters in Illinois.

Using two matched transducers – precisely balanced in an acoustic network – Revonic is poised to make Nexadyne a huge step forward in the evolution of dynamic microphones. By focusing and tuning the mic’s signal output, the transducers enable greater clarity of a desired sound source while minimizing things like unwanted noise such as stage bleed.

“The two transducers work in the same acoustic space. When you combine their signals, you make them combine in such a way that is constructive in certain places and destructive in other places,” explains Roger Grinnip, the Principal Engineer at Shure behind the Revonic breakthrough. “Overall, you end up with an optimized system for both the acoustic and vibrational responses and they’re operating in harmony.”


Taken together, all that cutting-edge tech packed into each and every microphone means better overall performance for both musicians and audio engineers alike.

Singers will experience a previously unknown clarity onstage. In short, they’ll get that natural sound no matter where they’re performing.

Audio engineers, meanwhile, will no longer need to make constant EQ corrections, since the microphone will have already optimized the signal output acoustically.

Consistent & Natural Sound

“It’s about having consistent, natural sound with less work,” says John Born, Associate Director for Innovation Solutions and Platforms at Shure.

So how does all this audio sorcery work? Well, the two transducers, or Revonic engines, improve the sound quality and rejection of unwanted noise by unlocking greater control of the microphone’s acoustic response. Whereas the upper engine can capture the signal with improved clarity and isolation, adding the second active engine gives Shure engineers precise control of the mic’s frequency response, polar pattern consistency, and vibration cancellation.

To begin the Revonic revolution, Shure will offer two versions of the Nexadyne vocals mic: one with a standard cardioid polar pattern and a second with a supercardioid pattern. The cardioid model is a bit more forgiving of a singer’s mic technique and the supercardioid model is a great option for louder stages due to its tighter side rejection and vocal isolation. 

These dynamic XLR mics both come in a sleek black finish and are all about delivering warm, clear and natural sounding vocals in the most demanding of conditions.

Wireless Capsules Available

Shure is also offering a variety of wireless Nexadyne capsules in black and also a classy nickel finish in both cardioid and supercardioid flavors. These will go great with existing Shure wireless systems including Axient Digital, ULX-D, QLX-D and SLX-D, as well as any Shure wireless transmitter with interchangeable capsules.


At its core, Nexadyne is designed to deliver the purest sound reproduction from a dynamic microphone. It captures the authenticity of every note, every word, every emotion delivered through it. The microphone's innovative design and robust construction allow it to stand up to the rigors of touring while delivering exceptional performance on any stage. It is destined to become a singer’s best friend.

Audio engineers are certain to be just as eager as to get their hands on this mic: Nexadyne integrates meticulous engineering with state-of-the-art technology to deliver unmatched tone, clarity and consistency – to every seat in the house. 

Find out how to take your performance to the next level with the Nexadyne™ Dynamic Vocal Microphone today.

Marc Young
With a background in journalism, Marc is an editor for Shure covering anything and everything that has to do with sound. He tries to compensate for his mediocre guitar-playing skills with his writing. He is based in Portland, Oregon.