AONIC 50 Gen 2: Wireless Headphones, Perfected

Andrew Anderson | August 31, 2023 AONIC 50 Gen 2: Wireless Headphones, Perfected

Outstanding studio-quality sound, spatialized audio, cutting-edge codecs and more: The Shure AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones Gen 2 are poised to become your favorite piece of personal tech.

AONIC 50 Gen 2 Features:

  • Premium, studio-quality sound through custom-engineered 50mm dynamic drivers
  • Spatialized audio via proprietary algorithm for Music, Cinema, or Podcast modes
  • Hybrid Active Noise Cancelling blocks sounds you don’t want and keeps those you do
  • Customizable EQ with the the free ShurePlus™ PLAY app
  • Up to 45 hours of battery life
  • All-black design is simple, elegant and stylish

The connection we have with our headphones is deeply personal. They deliver our favorite music, podcasts, movies and games. We wear them as fashion. They even shield us from the noise of the modern world.

Enter the next generation of Shure AONIC 50 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones – the headphones that have perfected the art of this personal relationship. 

Your new fav personal tech: Aonic 50 Gen 2

Studio-quality Sound

Let’s start with the sound, and it’s no surprise that AONIC 50 Gen 2 deliver a fantastic sonic performance. Shure has decades of professional studio and stage experience, which was used to craft the premium audio signature.

You’ll get crisp highs and deep bass, thanks to the precision-tuned 50mm drivers. There’s also a customizable EQ, so you can dial in your ideal listening experience. And all of this is adjustable within the ShurePlus™ PLAY app.

The sound quality also incorporates cutting-edge codec technology. This allows AONIC 50 Gen 2 to deliver CD-standard audio via Bluetooth without dropouts. It’s the freedom of wireless, but without compromising on quality. 

Cutting-edge Codecs

In fact, audiophiles will be pleased to hear that the codec options are beyond what any other wireless headphone competitor can offer, including the latest aptX™ Adaptive codec as well as all the other industry standards like Qualcomm® aptX™, aptX™ HD, AAC, SBC and Sony LDAC.

In addition, the AONIC 50 Gen 2 come with Snapdragon Sound. This end-to-end system delivers not only lossless audio, but also extremely low latency, making these headphones ideal for gaming.

Spatialized Audio

Plus, Shure spatialized audio technology puts you right in the moment, with three immersive settings. Cinema mode recreates the epic sub-bass rumbles of a movie theater, while also providing clear dialogue. Music mode offers a luxury listening experience, as though you were in acoustically treated room with the finest speakers. Finally, Podcast mode emulates the intimacy of a studio, putting your favorite voices right in your ears. And importantly, all three modes work without introducing any unnatural artifacts. 

As for the looks, the new all-black design is simple, elegant and stylish. This shouldn’t come as a surprise: think of how many Shure products you can recognize simply by their iconic and timeless silhouettes. It’s minimal, but memorable. 

Put simply, when you slip on AONIC 50 Gen 2, you look sharp. And with the customizable fingertip controls, you won’t ever need to take them off when you’re on the move. Then, when you do remove them, they fold neatly into a portable black carry case. 

Active Noise Cancelling

Now let’s talk about the noise cancelation. Shure second-generation Active Noise Cancelling technology blocks out anything you don’t want to hear, and preserves anything you do, keeping you right in the moment. With four levels, you can entirely isolate yourself in silence, or use the new MaxAware to stay in touch with your surroundings. You can also tune in to the outside world instantly using Environment mode.


Finally, the AONIC 50 Gen 2 headphones excel in the mundane details that we don’t always talk about, but that are actually decisive. They charge quickly (15 minutes gets you 5 hours of use) and run forever (a full battery lasts 45 hours!) As for call quality, the 6 onboard microphones use sophisticated beamforming signal processing to adjust to your surroundings, providing crystal-clear communication.  

And, of course, they’re a Shure product, so they’re built to last, from materials including aircraft-grade aluminum (all backed by a two-year warranty). 

Portable Alternative 

Looking for something more portable or a second set of headphones? Shure also has a slimline option for those looking to max out compactness and convenience: the AONIC 40 Wireless Noise Cancelling Headphones

The slightly smaller 40mm drivers are lighter but provide luxurious sound. The call clarity, battery life and build quality are all excellent. You still benefit from Shure noise cancelling knowhow, with three settings to suit any situation – though without MaxAware or the spatial audio features of the AONIC 50 Gen 2.

Aonic 40: Small but mighty!

But where the AONIC 40 headphones really excel though is in their compact design and multiple color options, making them the perfect everyday accessory for when you’re on the move. Plus, the sonic experience is fully customizable via the ShurePlus™ PLAY app.

As we said up top, headphones are important. They’re probably the piece of technology we spend the most time with. They provide our connection with – and barrier from – the wider world. That’s why the Shure the AONIC 50 Gen 2 are such a massive leap forward towards audio perfection.

DRIVER40mm Composite Driver50mm Neodymium Dynamic Drivers
COLORSAvailable in Black and White/TanAvailable in Black
BATTERY LIFEUp to 25 hoursUp to 45 hours
ACTIVE NOISE CANCELLING (ANC)Adjustable hybrid, digital ANC with 4 mics + 3 configuration optionsAdjustable hybrid, digital ANC
with 4 mics + 4 configuration options (including MaxAware mode for awareness of surroundings + noise cancellation)
ENVIRONMENT MODE (hear the outside world)Yes, Adjustable (Natural)Yes, Adjustable (Advanced)
SPATIALIZED AUDIONoYes. Spatialized Audio enhance the depth of your listening experience with 3 different modes: Music, Cinema and Podcast.
CUSTOMIZABLE EQYes, Parametric 4 bandsYes, Parametric 4 bands
CODECSaptXTM, aptXTM HD, AAC, SBCaptXTM, aptXTM HD, aptXTM Adaptive, AAC, SBC and Sony LDAC
CALL AUDIOUtilizes 2 Beamforming Mics + advanced processing for great audioUtilizing 6 microphones, the precision-engineered system automatically adjusts settings to avoid surrounding noise.


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