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Portable Listening Systems and Evolving Connectivity: A Webinar

Cheryl DaProza | November 13, 2018
In our next webinar, join Shure Product Manager Sean Sullivan as he discusses how to choose the best listening device for your lifestyle.

KSE1500 versus KSE1200: Know Your Electrostatic Earphones

Sean Sullivan | May 22, 2018
When the KSE1500 was introduced in 2015, Shure made portable high fidelity a reality. Sean Sullivan explains how the new KSE1200 makes it more affordable.

Shure KSE1500: An Audiophile ‘Legend’ is Born

Andrew Anderson | January 23, 2018
Technology tends to move forward in tiny increments, but occasionally it takes a giant leap. And that's exactly what the audiophile expert Jude Mansilla considers the Shure KSE1500 Electrostatic Earphone System to be.

Why Audiophiles Love Electrostatic Technology

Sean Sullivan | January 11, 2018
There are several reasons why audiophiles have long prized electrostatic headphones for home listening. Sean Sullivan, Listening Product Manager for Shure, explores the technology behind our groundbreaking KSE1500 portable electrostatic earphones.

Seven Ways to Make Your Earphones Last

Linda Hansen | December 19, 2017
There's no expiration date on your earphones and Shure builds them to withstand a beating. Here are some simple steps that will make yours last for years.

Lightning Cables for Shure Earphones: September 2016 Question of the Month

Allison Wolcott | September 15, 2016
Shure Notes email newsletter subscribers submit their burning audio questions every month, and we pick one to publish in the email and here. This month, we focus on earphone cables with Lightning connectors.

Top 8 Earphone and Headphone Myths Exposed

Sean Sullivan | June 29, 2016
Product Manager Sean Sullivan debunks eight of the most popular myths and legends surrounding headphones and earphones.

Your Hearing: Why You Lose It and How to Protect It: A Webinar

Cheryl DaProza | March 4, 2016
Dr. Michael Santucci, president of Sensaphonics, audiologist, and expert in hearing loss prevention, will explain the causes of hearing loss and discuss the best ways for musicians to prevent injury and maintain hearing wellness.

The Making of KSE1500 & SHA900: An Interview

Allison Wolcott | January 13, 2016
Engineer Roger Grinnip and product manager Sean Sullivan tell the story of the development of the first portable electrostatic Sound Isolating™ earphone system, from experiment to reality.

Understanding Earphone Technology: A Webinar

Cheryl DaProza | December 28, 2015
In this webinar, we'll look at the evolution of earphones, from dynamic to electrostatic, how to correctly interpret earphone specifications, and the science behind the myth of multi-driver earphones.