How To Choose The Right Ceiling Mic Or Speakerphone For Your Office Space

Patrick Donovan | April 24, 2024 How To Choose The Right Ceiling Mic Or Speakerphone For Your Office Space

Conference calls began with one or more table-mounted speakerphones resembling a typical telephone. As time progressed and digital options for calling became more practical, the form of conferencing technology changed to increase the efficacy and convenience of this new and improved method of communication.

While table microphones continue to be essential in the array of conferencing devices, innovative alternatives have emerged. These include bar-shaped, boundary, and ceiling-mounted conference microphones, each serving a unique purpose in the modern conference room.

Ceiling microphones, in particular, have developed dramatically over the past decade to increase the quality of audio pickup and deliver a seamless conferencing experience. Ceiling array microphones can be customized to pick up different zones of coverage to isolate singular or groups of speakers. For small to medium-sized rooms, ceiling speakerphones can even act as standalone conferencing devices, delivering all of the audio your room needs while remaining out of sight.

This begs the question: Which ceiling microphone or speakerphone is right for my conferencing space? To answer this, we need to review the strengths of each ceiling conference mic in the Shure lineup and determine which will work best for your application.