Everything You Need To Know About Stem's All New Firmware Update 2.0

Stem Ecosystem | September 6, 2021 Everything You Need To Know About Stem's All New Firmware Update 2.0

We are excited to announce the release of Stem 2.0 firmware. The implementation of this update will give users the freedom to continue to expand their ecosystem with all new product features, enhanced protocols, and so much more.

Expand your ecosystem with up to 10 audio devices in a single room


The release of Stem 2.0 will allow you to further customize your conferencing experience by allowing you to expand your ecosystem to up to 10 audio devices (plus Stem Control’s and SIP phone line) in one room. This feature will give users the flexibility to expand device capabilities and create endless combinations to cover your most challenging environments.

Join & Split Rooms


If you’re looking to pair or split room audio, Stem RoomPair will soon be available in firmware update 2.0. This feature will allow you to pair up to four rooms with up to 10 audio devices total. When you select the first room, it becomes the main room and all settings on other Hubs are bypassed and saved for later, so if you are combining rooms and one room is SIP enabled, you’ll want to select that room first. Once the rooms are combined, the RoomDesign will be empty which will allow you to create a new design for the combined room. After the new design is created you will be able to initiate RoomAdapt and RoomCheck in your newly combined room in order to optimize performance. Rest assured that all of the information for the individual rooms are saved for later.

Enhanced Security Features


With this upcoming firmware update, we’re adding an additional layer of security by upgrading devices to be equipped with AES-128 encryption. This enhanced protocol ensures encryption between devices within your organization, keeping your audio data safe and secure.


Better Audio Performance


In Stem 2.0 we are completely overhauling our audio performance. With improved network latency between Stem endpoints we fine tuned audio processing, resulting in better echo cancellation performance, improved noise canceling, and modified AGC performance.


Bonus Feature - Individual Speaker & Microphone Mute


Now you have the option to mute selected individual speakers and microphones on Stem devices. This feature allows you to further customize your configuration for use cases where you want either mics or speakers coming from a specific section of the room. IT managers can engage this feature when setting up a room in the room’s advanced settings menu by selecting which speakers and microphones will be active in their room.


Additional Release Notes


These features will come with both new units, to be produced by factory, and units already out in the field.

  • Implemented room split & join feature
  • Added feature to mute individual speakers & microphones
  • Ability to add a Stem Control to a room with one standalone audio device (no Hub needed)
  • Support up to 10 audio endpoint devices, for both SIP and Zoom calls.
    • A room can have up to 15 devices: 10 Stem Ecosystem endpoint devices (Wall, Table, or Ceiling) + 1 Hub, + up to 4 Controls.
  • Enhanced security:
    • Stronger audio encryption: AES 128bit encryption.
    • Disabled SSH
    • Updated jQuery
  • Ability to change Organization name and password in advanced settings
  • Support for mute controls, meaning Individual mute: Ability to mute the microphone or speaker for each of the audio endpoint devices in the room.
  • Reduced network traffic by about 40%

For units that ship in Q2:

  • Faster boot time: about 36 seconds
  • Removed random mac address on boot up


  • Higher resolution spectral process
  • Improved residual echo suppression
  • Improved AGC
  • Tuned speaker and microphone color filters to comply with certification standards
  • Improved CPU usage on the DSP


How to check and update your device to Stem 2.0


To check what firmware update your devices are currently running on you can check your individual device and locate the version number through the ecosystem platform or reach out to our customer happiness team at customerservice@stemaudio.com or give them a call at (949) 877-STEM.


Want to know more?


Listen to our on-demand webinar for a deeper dive on our new firmware 2.0 release. This release continues to expand the ecosystem by delivering additional product features, enhanced security protocols, and more!

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