Shure Supports FCC Order on Expanding Opportunities for Wireless Microphone Users

February 15, 2024

NILES, February 15, 2024 — Shure supports the recently released Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order which expands opportunities for wireless microphone users.

Shure has been active in FCC proceedings over the past few years advocating on behalf of a wide array of customers who rely on wireless microphones. 

Wireless microphones continue to play an essential role in supporting productions for a number of facets of American life, culture, and the economy. Beyond their traditional role in broadcasting and film production, wireless microphones support productions in a wide range of sectors including news reporting, theater, music, sports, worship, civic events, transportation infrastructure, and education. 

To meet those customer needs, Shure asked for unlicensed Wireless Multi-Channel Audio Systems (WMAS) with higher power and the FCC agreed. The number of unlicensed wireless microphone users far exceeds the number of licensed users in the U.S., so the full benefit of WMAS technology can only be realized if WMAS is available to unlicensed as well as licensed users.

Shure believes the need for 100mW unlicensed power is important because it:

  • Allows providers to minimize occupied spectrum while remaining equivalent in link performance to narrowband.
  • Decreases total Power Spectral Density (PSD) when the audio channel efficiency is met.
  • Aligns with recent WMAS updates within European Telecommunications Standards Institute (ETSI).

“This is a great decision by the FCC to provide many microphone users across America with added flexibility,” said Prakash Moorut, Global Head of Spectrum & Regulatory Affairs at Shure. “Allowing unlicensed WMAS with power up to 100 mW – twice the power allowed for narrowband wireless microphones – is a big benefit for many individuals, organizations, and small businesses.” 

Shure has been developing products to allow end users flexibility to operate with quality audio in evolving landscapes. 

Tom Kundmann, Vice President of Professional Wireless at Shure, highlighted the potential of wideband wireless in the UHF and other bands.

“This technology will provide our customers with innovative product solutions,” he said. “Our team is actively working on improving spectral efficiency, scalability of audio services, and simplifying deployment."