Shure Enhances Security Features Across Microflex® Ecosystem Products To Help Protect Data and Conversations

Shure Introduces Next Generation Designer 6.1 Software and IntelliMix® Room 6.1 With New Security Measures and Streamlined Workflow

May 29, 2024

CHICAGO, May 29, 2024Shure today announced a reinforced commitment to security with a system-wide update for all its Microflex® Ecosystem devices and compatible software applications. The major ecosystem updates include security features such as 802.1x for enhanced visibility and control over all networked devices and more streamlined workflow for easier setup, deployment, and system management. 

Enable Next Generation Audio

Designer 6.1 delivers improved foundational security technology, enhanced authentication, encrypted audio, and customizable device configurations across the entire Microflex Ecosystem portfolio. Users now have the power to fine-tune and manage devices to match specific room requirements and limit service access to only what they need while optimizing overall workflow. 

IT Solutions For AV Issues

IntelliMix Room 6.1 Audio Processing Software now features Stereo Acoustic Echo Cancellation (AEC) to create immersive meeting experiences. With intelligent AEC technology, echoes are detected and eliminated, requiring less room treatments and audio configurations for integrators while enabling participants to fully engage in discussions without distractions from echo disruptions. Stereo AEC provides left and right loudspeaker support, catering to the positional and spatial audio needs of attendees in the room, and allowing for future enhancements in meeting experiences. 

“AV security is critical in education, enterprise, and government organizations. With employees and students often collaborating from different locations, IT professionals are tasked with deploying and managing systems at scale, while balancing security features without compromising usability,” said Chris Meyer, Director of Product Security and Conferencing Platforms, at Shure. “By integrating enterprise-level security features into the Microflex Ecosystem, Designer 6.1, and IntelliMix Room 6.1, IT professionals can easily and confidently deploy Shure products into their environment while also protecting users’ audio."

Shure recognizes security to be an important element of product quality; just like performance, durability, or regulatory compliance, it is part of the design methodology. The Microflex Ecosystem portfolio employs a multi-faceted approach to device security that embraces industry-standard technologies and workflows:

  • 802.1x: A network access control (NAC) protocol that ensures devices can access a network only if they can provide proof of identity and authorization.
  • Service Control: Enables users to customize network behavior by enabling or disabling specific protocols and functions based on performance and security needs.
  • Secure Boot/Package Signing: Verifies the validity software and firmware to protect against the loading and execution of modified or rogue software on a device.
  • Secure Storage: Provides a mechanism to securely store sensitive information on a device in an encrypted format.
  • Secure Remote Password (SRP): A security protocol to authenticate a user to a device without sending the passphrase over the network.
  • Encrypted Audio Network: AES-based audio encryption to safeguard audio sent over the network from eavesdropping or interception.

At Shure, a dedicated security team continually assesses products, researches solutions, and tests for new vulnerabilities regularly throughout the product life cycle. The product security team works closely with product development to continuously advance the security of Shure products to protect customers from ever-evolving threats. In addition, Shure employs external third-party testing to provide an additional level of validation.

For more information about Shure’s enhanced security features and new software solutions, visit the Shure booth at InfoComm 2024, Booth #C8334, or visit