Shure Boosts B2B E-Commerce Solution with All New Shure Partner Shop -- Available Globally

The Audio Manufacturer Aims to Enhance the Purchasing Journey for Current B2B Customers Worldwide

March 23, 2022 Shure Boosts B2B E-Commerce Solution with All New Shure Partner Shop -- Available Globally

CHICAGO, March 23, 2022— In today’s fast-evolving and competitive digital marketplace, access to streamlined and reliable purchasing journeys is key. For this reason, Shure has taken an essential step forward in digital commerce, announcing that the Shure Partner Shop is live worldwide. Existing Shure distributors, sales representatives, dealers, systems integrators, rental companies, and other current B2B customers around the globe can access a shopping experience that meets B2C standards with specific B2B features. The Partner Shop equips B2B customers with an easy way to quickly purchase Shure products, offering access to instant and reliable information about orders and delivery in real time. 

The Shure Partner Shop is an e-commerce site for B2B customers that features efficient ways to quickly order and reorder Shure products. The platform displays product stock levels and estimated ship dates, optimizing the B2B purchasing experience and ensuring transparency throughout the entire buying process. It includes product and availability information, shipping options and monitoring, returns, and is integrated with the Shure TechPortal, providing all the relevant technical details needed for an educated purchase decision. 

The Shure Partner Shop was rolled out in a multi-step approach to regions starting in 2021 and became live worldwide last month. The Shure B2B e-commerce solution is already being used by more than 6,000 customers. A recent survey in the U.S. revealed that the vast majority of Shure’s customers are satisfied with the new Shure Partner Shop.

“We are excited the Shure Partner Shop is now live worldwide, as it directly improves and increases the benefits of the purchasing experience for all our B2B customers,” said Jens Rothenburger, Senior Manager, Global B2B e-Commerce, at Shure. “With this e-commerce solution, we are reinforcing our digital strategy while supporting our customers by providing a more educated, transparent and optimized buying process.” 

With the Shure Partner Shop, Shure is setting a technological benchmark for B2B business purchasing journeys. The platform boasts built-in intelligence, optimizing the ordering process and increasing the quality of all orders placed. It even identifies spelling errors, retired SKUs and reflects all B2B customers’ needs from a mobile-friendly and responsive interface designed for both small and large businesses, no matter if an order is for a single SKU or made in bulk. 

The Shure Partner Shop is a response to the global market’s needs and strengthens Shure’s commitment to a truly global and enhanced customer experience. 

If you’re already a customer, please feel free to reach out to Shure Customer Service to learn more about the Shure Partner Shop. 

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