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No two singers are the same. Everyone deserves a microphone made for their own unique style. But finding the perfect match for your vocals isn’t always easy. Don’t sweat it. We got you!

Artist Matches

Jacob Collier loves performing with the SM58 and Jax Anderson won’t head into the studio without her PGA27 – discover the artists who have already found their perfect mic match.

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Jacob Collier + SM58

"SM58 - Ah, the mic that started it all! My first ever microphone. It holds a very special place in my heart. Every voice and instrument for the first 12 years of my recording life  was recorded entirely using this microphone. My imagination grew wings through the lens of this mic. I still use it today!"

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Claudia Emmanuela​​​ + SM86

“Picking it up for the first time, I immediately noticed how good and comfortable the SM86 is in my hand. The positive impression continued when I used the microphone in a live context. It fits the character of my voice perfectly.”

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Ric Wilson + KSM32

“The KSM32 has a smooth tone to it that gives it this great sound for recording but also could make the best sounding live microphone ever. I would recommend this for live streaming and live recording albums.”

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Luis Fonsi​​​ + BETA 58A

“After making many tests, my sound engineers and I chose the Shure Beta 58A, because being a “supercardioid” capsule, it’s more directional. It doesn’t pick up too much ambient noise, and the voice sounds cleaner and clearer.”

Photo by John Parra

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Jax Anderson​ + PGA27

“The PGA27 is a great mic - It’s very versatile. It works great with vocals & any acoustic instruments which makes it ideal for my home studio setup.”

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Amber Liu​​ + SM58

“The SM58 goes everywhere with me. I’ve used the SM58 for many years now, and it’s the mic I can rely on on stage, in studio, and in all the random setups I have while traveling.”

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iLe + MV7

"The MV7 is the mic that will always be by your side to help your creations go anywhere you want."

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Dong Dongdong & Chen Xi + SM27

"The sound reproduction and details are quite natural. The SM27 is a good choice for musicians and home studio use."



Pixey + PGA58

"The PGA58 is such a good mic for singing lead vocals on. When I’m performing there can be a lot of unwanted background noise, especially when I’m moving around on stage, so the mic is great for bringing out my vox without compromising the quality. I’d definitely recommend it."

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Boy in Space + SM7B

"The SM7B allows for a lot of dynamic range. For a singer that uses my mix voice a lot it’s perfect. I don’t have to push my vocals to get presence."

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Benee​​​ + KSM8

“I’ve always loved Shure microphones and having different capsule options is cool. I switch between the KSM8 and KSM9 depending on stage layout and venue.”

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Peggy Hogan is a music educator, content producer and recording artist as the rap persona Hua Li. She has performed at the Montreal International Jazz Festival, World Pride Toronto and Reykjavik’s Secret Solstice Festival. She holds an MA in Musicology from McGill University.


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