A Shure microphone system can transform classrooms of all sizes. When the lecture comes through rich and clear, student engagement noticeably increases.

Clear communication for every student and teacher.

Whether the venue is a large lecture hall with hundreds of students or a small classroom with a few learners, Shure has an audio solution to suit the space. Great learning environments start with attentive students.

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Alvik School Equips Students for Lifelong Learning
With around 1050 students, Alvik School in Stockholm, Sweden, caters to students from reception up to grade 9. About 120 of its students are hard of hearing, and the school has long had the ethos of wanting to enable all students to build their own identity and acquire knowledge in a safe environment that equips them for lifelong learning. A crucial element of this is to ensure that they can hear the teacher – and each other – clearly.

Initially conventional wired sound reinforcement systems were tested, but these limited teachers' …
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