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Optimising Theatre Production Workflow According to Wavetool
Wireless microphone channel counts have increased dramatically across all production types over the last couple of decades. Theatre is certainly no exception, and arguably, audio production for theatre is one of the most challenging environments for even the most experienced audio engineer.
TwinPlex Takes the Stage
From the shure blog
TwinPlex Takes the Stage
After years in development followed by extensive field-testing in the most high-profile events and shows ever, TwinPlex microphones are ready for …
From the shure blog
All About Wireless: Bandwidth in Analog and Digital Systems
Welcome to the eleventh instalment of All About Wireless. In this issue, we will discuss the bandwidth characteristics of analogue and digital …
From the shure blog
Top Mic Placement Tips for Theater
Using microphones for theater productions brings a unique set of challenges. UK sound engineer Zoe Milton offers her top mic placement tips for the …

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