Wireless Workbench 6 System Control Software

Wireless Workbench 6 System Control Software

Wireless Workbench® 6 software works in concert with Shure wireless systems Axient®, ULX-D®, QLX-D® and UHF-R®, plus PSM®1000 Personal Monitor System. A rich user interface and robust features help to manage and monitor wireless system performance over the network, from pre-show planning through post-performance analysis.

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New Features in Version 6.12

Inventory Management
Presets enable users to save sets of parameters to a file and quickly apply them to one or more selected devices.
Frequency Coordination
  • Scan peaks can be managed and classified with greater flexibility and extended equipment profiles.
  • Intermod spacings can be ignored for groups of frequencies during frequency coordination.
  • Coordination order customization can be performed ad-hoc in the Coordination Workspace.
Live Monitoring
Timeline is a new logging utility designed to capture important channel status information over time, such as RF level, audio level, interference detection, ShowLink® Signal Strength, and more. This feature records data for extended durations with efficient file storage, enabling users to accurately archive and review the performance of their wireless systems.
Watch our Timeline overview video to learn more about using Timeline.
Enterprise Networking                                                                   
  • Remote Device Connection enables users to connect Wireless Workbench to devices across subnets.
  • Access Control enables devices to be protected from unauthorized changes via Shure software.

Legacy Features

Hear from audio engineers in the field how they use the key software features in our Wireless Workbench 6 overview video.

System requirements: Windows or Mac OS X

Read our blog post Wireless Audio Software Trends and Shure Updates for a rundown on how Wireless Workbench® and ShurePlus™ Channels software enhance the capabilities of Shure wireless systems and make remote monitoring easier.

Release Notes
Version: 6.12.1
Release Date: 3/20/2017


  • OS Support
    • Added compatibility with macOS Sierra (10.12), including signing Wireless Workbench with Gatekeeper (macOS only)
  • General UI
    • Optimized UI to render on high-resolution screens
    • Improved performance of Monitor view with large counts of Channel Strips
    • Added "View Release Notes" to Help menu
    • Added "Open Recent Show" to File menu
    • Added "Assign Color" to context menu of Properties Panels
  • Remote Device Connection
    • Added option to connect to remote devices through a VPN Connection.  After a VPN connection is established, go to Network Preferences in WWB6, select the NIC of your VPN, and then specify the IP addresses of remote devices.
  • Timeline
    • Fixed issue that stopped recording ShowLink data if UHF reception was lost.
    • Added capability to record and display ShowLink data per channel slot.
    • Added the following new system events:
      • Active Tx Change
      • Audio Mode Change
      • Audio Peak Overload
      • RF Power Change
    • Added Y-axis color scales to the plot views of RF, Audio, and Battery data streams.
    • Added "Keep channels armed" option after a Timeline recoding has finished in order open a new Timeline tab to record another Timeline with the same channels.
    • Improved presentation of Antenna Status for ULX-D systems to represent Interference states (red).
    • Improved presentation of Frequency Diversity channels while recording.
    • Increased time resolution for markers to 100 ms.
  • Frequency Coordination
    • Updated coordination preference for "minimum spacing from TV channel" to support different spacing for leading and trailing edges of an avoided TV channel.
    • Added context menu options to frequency headers in Coordination Workspace (delete groups of frequencies, move to another zone)
    • Added ability to import a list of frequencies from common file formats (.csv, .txt) into Exclusions dialog.
  • TV Management
    • Added a coordination preference to "Ignore scan peaks within an excluded TV channel".
    • Fixed issue that prevented WWB version 6.12.0 from importing TV exclusion files that were created by previous WWB versions and had "Countries with 6 MHz (Japan)" as the selected country.
  • New Device/Band Support

Known Issues

  • When connecting to AXT400, AXT610, and AXT transmitters across subnets (as Remote Devices), ShowLink connectivity between the transmitter and other components is not fully functional.  Linked transmitter status from the vantage point of the receiver and the Access Point will show as not connected.
  • Checking for Wireless Workbench 6 updates using Shure Update Utility will not detect new versions of Wireless Workbench.
  • If you are running the Mac OS X Yosemite Operating System, be sure to run version 10.10.4 or later.  Earlier beta versions of the Operating System are not supported.
  • On Macs, when users open show files and launch the Frequency Analysis dialog (by checking the checkbox and pressing “Analyze”), the Frequency Coordination tab may stop responding to keyboard inputs (for example, editing or deleting frequencies with the keyboard).  To work around this issue, select another tab in the application (e.g.: Inventory or Monitor) and then reselect the Frequency Coordination tab.
  • SLX and ULX frequencies in Master List mode cannot be manually entered in the Coordination Workspace.  They can, however, be coordinated and analyzed.
  • When scanning with AXT400 receivers, the Band Preset value in the Live Scan Settings dialog does not always stay in sync with the currently selected band of the receiver.  The Band Preset can be manually changed to scan any supported range.
  • Alerts logged when devices first come online may list device parameters and their values as they are being discovered even though the parameter values themselves have not changed.


  • Version 6.12.1 requires 64-bit systems. To use Wireless Workbench 6 on a 32-bit system, install and run version or older. Get previous versions
  • WWB6 Help now opens in your system’s default browser and does not require internet connectivity to access it.
  • Tags that have been added to a show file but are not assigned to any devices are not saved within the show file.
  • Opening show files created with older versions of Wireless Workbench may result in the Settings Conflicts dialog opening once the file has loaded. This is due to newly supported hardware parameters that have been introduced with updated firmware versions. To maintain all settings from the show file, select "Keep all settings from: Wireless Workbench".
  • On machines running Windows 7, Wireless Workbench will not be able to discover devices when the machine has fallen back to its 169.254.xxx.yyy fallback IP address, regardless of the IP addressing of the connected Shure devices.  To address this, perform one of the following:
    • Insert a DHCP server onto your network and set your machine and Shure devices to accept automatic IP addressing.
    • Statically assign your machine's IP address to the 169.254.xxx.yyy fallback subnet with a different IP address than the one it fell back to originally.

View a history of release notes from version through 6.12

System Requirements
Operating System
Windows 7, 8 or 10
Mac OS X 10.10 – 10.12
Intel® Core™ i3, i5, or i7 equivalent running at 2 GHz or more
Hard Drive
5 GB or more available (install size is 400 MB)
Screen Resolution
1280 x 768 minimum

Software & Downloads


File Language Type File Size
Axient Wireless Brochure English PDF 1.4 mb
PSM 900 & PSM 1000 Brochure English PDF 972 kb
QLX-D Digital Wireless Brochure English PDF 578 kb
UHF-R Brochure English PDF 581 kb
ULX-D Brochure English PDF 3.39 mb

User Guides

File Language Type File Size
Wireless Workbench 6 Quick Start Guide English PDF 1.72 mb

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