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1 Beyond

1 Beyond

The 1 Beyond Automate™ VX and Automate VX Pro automated multi-camera media processing solutions feature voice-activated camera switching designed to integrate with Shure microphones: MXA910, MXA310, DDS 5900, MXC, MXCW and mics connected to P300 or SCM820. Automate VX controls 1 Beyond PTZ cameras to focus on the active speaker in the room and switch cleanly from one person to another using intelligent switching technology so that camera movement is not seen resulting in an enhanced conference experience. The solutions support up to 250 microphones. Up to 7 cameras, including the 1 Beyond AutoTracker™ camera that follows a presenter, can be placed anywhere in the room making this an excellent solution for rooms of different sizes and configurations including conference rooms, classrooms, courtrooms, training rooms and more. Automate VX also overlays titles and graphics and has built in recording and streaming capability and is compatible with hardware and software conferencing codecs including those from Cisco, Polycom, Skype, Zoom, BlueJeans and others.

1 Beyond designs and manufactures professional video systems for video conferencing, lecture capture, distance learning, streaming, recording and archiving. They are sold and supported worldwide. Their customers include educational institutions, corporations, houses of worship, and government agencies.


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