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Guidance on Shure product discontinuations to help you manage your existing gear and smoothly transition to the next generation.


Shure is committed to manufacturing and delivering products of the highest quality, reliability, and value. As we strive to empower our customers with superior performance and innovative solutions designed for your needs, our products may reach the end of their lifecycle due to changes in market and user demands, technology advancements, or as a result of other strategic business decisions.  

We recognize that product discontinuations can affect your existing inventory, standards, as well as future purchase decisions. To help you manage your equipment more effectively and smoothly transition to the next generation of Shure products, you may find below general end of life (EOL) guidance for Shure hardware and software products. 

Shure reserves the right to review and adapt the end of life arrangements for specific products based on individual circumstances. 



End of Life Notification

The End of Life Notification (EOLN) is an official communication to Shure customers and channel partners about a product discontinuation. Shure will endeavor to provide such notification at least six months before the Last Order Date (LOD) and may include the following information: 

  • List of discontinued products or product variants. 

  • Last order, sales, and fulfillment arrangements. 

  • Replacement or alternative products, if any. 

  • Any other information relevant to the product EOL and related support. 

Email Notifications 

The EOLN will be included in Shure newsletters or issued as a dedicated email communication as needed. If you currently do not receive Shure communications, please sign up below. 


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Product Pages & FAQs 

The EOLN will further be published in our Answer Database along with a statement on the respective product page on the Shure website and Shure Tech Portal. 

Shure maintains an overview of all product discontinuations in our Answer Database, including links to the respective EOLN.  


View Shure Product EOL Notifications 



Last Order Date

The Last Order Date (LOD) is the last day Shure intends to accept purchase orders for an EOL product, often also referred to as Order Cut-Off Date, Last Time Buy, or Last Day of Sale. 

The EOL product may have a fixed LOD or may continue to be available while stocks last. The applicable arrangements will be communicated in the End of Life Notification. 

Shure reserves the right to review and accept/reject any order based on individual circumstances, including product availability. 



End of Support

The End of Support (EOS) date is the last day Shure intends to provide post-sales, service, and warranty support for an EOL product, according to and aligned with standard Shure warranty or as otherwise committed by Shure in individual service level agreements. 

Hardware-related support covers a defined period starting from the original date of purchase and may include engineering, applications and technical support, updates for legal and regulatory compliance, service and repair including maintaining of spare and service parts, subject to availability of materials, components, engineering, and manufacturing resources.  

Software and firmware-related support may be limited to up to 24 months from the EOL Notification date and may include release of necessary updates, bug fixes, security patches, and OS updates. After this period, EOL products will also no longer be functionally supported in applicable Shure software tools, including but not limited to Wireless Workbench and Designer. 

Product Registration 

We recommend registering an EOL product upon purchase to confirm the purchase date, warranty period, and access to customer and service support.   


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Discontinued Product Resources

Product pages for discontinued products, including related technical resources, are expected to remain available on the Shure website and Shure Tech Portal until EOS. 

Beyond EOS, user manuals are expected to be accessible in the Discontinued Product Documentation Finder on the Shure website or in the Discontinued Products section in the Tech Portal. 

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End Of Life Milestone Timeline