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Shure Partner Shop

Shure Partner Shop is our new online shop for B2B customers, and it's already serving hundreds of satisfied users. So what about you?

  • Are you looking for one solution for all your product information, pricing and orders?
  • Want to check stock levels and availability dates in real time?
  • With an intuitive and responsive design for Desktop, Mobile & Tablet Devices?

If the answer is yes then sign up now for Shure Partner Shop now.

Existing users

Already a user?

Go to partnershop.shure.com and login with your existing Shure ID.
New users

New to Shure Partner Shop?

Please contact your Shure Sales Manager or Customer Service to get a “ShureID”. You might already have a “ShureID” e.g. when you use the Shure TechPortal or DAL. In this case, please contact your Shure Sales Manager or Customer Service and ask for a login for Shure Partner Shop.

How To Videos

Watch this series of short videos to get familiar with the basic functions and features of the Shure Partner Shop.