Studio Recording

Studio Recording

Studio microphones that record with precision, detail and an absolute minimum of self-noise.

Crazy devoted to the details, same as you.

When you’re in the studio, every detail is significant. It can mean the difference between good and great. Or great and glorious. When you put your all into every take, do it with the microphones known for critical fidelity, every time.
With side-address, probe and ribbon mics, Shure in the studio means you’re capturing sound at its most pure. And isn’t that the point?

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Make The World Your Stage: Lucy May Walker with ‘Polly’s Song’
MAKE THE WORLD YOUR STAGE brings musicians to unique locations for exclusive live performances. LUCY MAY WALKER recorded a special version of ‘Polly’s Song’ at the iconic Alexandra Palace in London.
Lucy May Walker
Famous Gold Watch
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A recording studio.
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Sounding Out Home Studio Acoustics
You can have the best recording equipment in the world, but that won’t matter much if you don’t first sort out your home studio acoustics.
Paul leonard morgan
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Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with PAUL LEONARD-MORGAN, an Emmy-nominated, BAFTA-winning composer for film and television.
Signal Path Podcast: Black PumasSignal Path Podcast: Black Pumas
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Signal Path Podcast: Black Pumas
Listen to the latest SIGNAL PATH podcast with ADRIAN QUESADA and ERIC BURTON from the Grammy-nominated psychedelic soul band BLACK PUMAS.
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