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Service & Repair Process

Service & Repair Process

Shure has optimized our service experience to save you time and keep you informed.

Before Submitting a Repair:

  1. Look for a solution on Shure.com
    Depending on the issue, your product may not need a repair. Before proceeding to the next step, try these Support resources:
  2. No sound from your earphones?
    Try cleaning them using the provided cleaning tool. See this article: How To Use the Earphone Cleaning Tool
  3. Service and Repair Fee
    Shure warrants to the original consumer purchaser only that the product will be free in normal use of any defects in materials and workmanship for a period of two (2) years from the consumer's original date of purchase directly from Shure or a Shure-authorized reseller.

    For out-of-warranty service, should supply of any part which is required for the service has been ceased, or our quotation is not accepted by you, Shure reserves the right to charge an inspection fee and return the product to you without servicing it.
    Inspection Charge for Wireless Microphone: HKD$400 / piece
    Inspection Charge for Wired Microphone: HKD$200 / piece

    Payment Method: Check, Bank Transfer and FPS (Faster Payment System)
  4. Service of Stem Ecosystem Products
    To receive service and repair assistance on your Stem Ecosystem product(s), contact Customer Happiness at (949) 877-STEM (7836) or send us an email at customerhappiness@shure.com.

Need to Start a Repair?

  • Get started by logging in or creating an account, then register your product and submit a repair request.
    (*Chrome and Firefox are the preferred browsers; please do not use Internet Explorer, you may experience issues.)
  • After submitting your repair request online, please return your product(s) to Shure via courier for repair/replacement:-

    Shure Asia Limited
    10/F & Unit 1103-05 11/F, FOYER, 
    625 King’s Road, North Point,
    Hong Kong
    Attn.: Service Department
    Tel: 2893-0411

*To submit a repair request for your Stem Ecosystem products, please refer to Step 4 listed above.

Repair FAQ’s

Q: Can I drop off my repair?

A: No. Please register a Shure Community Account, register your product, send us a service request, and send those products to us via courier. If you have any questions about product repair, please email info@shure.com.hk

Q: Do you have any authorized service centers?

A: Repair of Shure products is handled by Shure Incorporated or in certain countries, our authorized distribution centers.

Q: Where do I find the Serial Number?

A: Serial numbers are found on the cardboard box and on some products.

Q: I want to send in my Huddly product for service or I need service support for my Huddly product.

A: Repair of Huddly products is handled by Huddly. Please contact Huddly for service.

Q: I want to send in my Barco Design product/Barco Clickshare Conference product for service or I need service support for my Barco Design product/Barco Clickshare Conference product.

A: Repair of Barco products is handled by Barco. Please contact Barco for service.

Q: I want to send in my Q5X product/Quantum5x Systems Inc product for service or I need service support for my Q5X product/Quantum5x Systems Inc product.

A: Repair of Q5X product/Quantum5x Systems Inc product is handled by Quantum5x Systems Inc. Please contact Quantum5x Systems Inc for service.


Shure 致力完善我們的服務體驗,為您節省時間並讓您隨時瞭解最新情況。




  1. 嘗試在 Shure.com 上尋找解決方案
  2. 您的耳機沒有聲音?
  3. 維修費用
    保修期外如維修所需零件已停產 或者閣下選擇不接納我們的維修估價本公司保留權利收取檢查費及退回未維修產品。
    無線咪檢查費: HKD$400
    有線咪檢查費: HKD$200

    付款方式:支票、銀行轉賬和 轉數快
  4. Stem Ecosystem產品維修和服務
    有關Stem Ecosystem產品的維修和服務支援,請聯繫Customer Happiness at (949)877-STEM (7836) 或發送電郵至 customerhappiness@shure.com


  • 首先登入或建立帳戶,然後進行產品註冊並提交維修申請。
    (*Chrome 和 Firefox 是首選瀏覽器;請不要使用 Internet Explorer,否則可能會出現問題。)
  • 提出維修要求後,請將待維修的貨品速遞到我們的維修中心,地址如下:
    Shure Asia Limited
    FOYER , 11 樓 1103-05室
    電話: 2893 0411

**有關Stem Ecosystem產品維修,請參閱以上所列的第 4 項內容


答:維修中心只接受快遞形式收件。請幫忙登記Shure Community Account, 登記產品, 向我們發出服務要求並透過速遞把耳機寄到服務中心。如有任何關於產品維修的查詢,請電郵至 info@shure.com.hk,感謝您的體諒。

答:Shure 的產品維修由 Shure Incorporated 處理;另在某些國家/地區,由我們的授權經銷中心處理。


問:想將我的 Huddly 產品送往維修,或者需要Huddly 產品的服務支援。
答: Huddly 產品的維修由 Huddly 負責。[請聯繫 Huddly 尋求服務。]

問:想維修我的 Barco Design 產品/Barco Clickshare Conference 產品,或需要 Barco Design 產品/Barco Clickshare Conference 產品的服務支援。
答:Barco Design 產品/Barco Clickshare Conference 產品維修由Barco負責。[請聯繫Barco尋求服務。]

問:我想寄送我的 Q5X 產品/Quantum5x Systems Inc 產品進行維修,或者我需要為我的 Q5X 產品/Quantum5x Systems Inc 產品提供服務支持。
答:Q5X 產品/Quantum5x Systems Inc 產品的維修由 Quantum5x Systems Inc. 負責。請 [聯繫 Quantum5x Systems Inc. 進行服務。]