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at ISE 2020

Thank you to everyone who visited the Shure booth at ISE 2020. It was an exciting year, with many product announcements and other innovations at this year’s show. The biggest launch at the show was IntelliMix Room, the first audio processing software fully optimized for Shure conferencing microphones. For anyone in the industry, Shure launched a quantitative market research study into the current trends in virtual conferencing. “The State of Virtual Meetings and the Future Workforce” highlights the gaps in AV technology and virtual meetings. Also announced were several strategic partnerships with Cisco, Microsoft and Zoom. And finally, for event organizers or conferencing equipment rental companies, the new Shure Conferencing Network (SCN) unravels the complexity to deliver conferencing systems that outperform the highest expectations.



Introducing IntelliMix Room, the first audio processing software fully optimized for Shure conferencing microphones. Simply download and deploy to in-room Windows®10 PCs. Conferencing is now in the future. Deploy to any in-room PC and bring crystal-clear audio to all video conference calls.

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Every meeting is an opportunity to make your mark. You can’t have the technology distract from your message. Yet, it is overwhelmingly reported that virtual meetings are consistently plagued with frustrations of audio quality. In this comprehensive new research, hear from IT executives on the current industry trends impacting virtual conferencing.

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New Partnerships

Your favorite Shure products just became more powerful. We are proud to announce our new partnerships with Logitech and Microsoft Teams. Visit our partner page to learn more about the new capabilities and efficiencies this delivers.

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Partner Logos
Partner Logos

Making Good Audio Sound Better

Quality audio isn’t only about making you sound good; it’s about engaging your audience. We’re committed to building the next generation of audio products that power high quality collaboration in the workplace with our Technology Partners. By making it easier for teams to communicate, we can deliver on our mission to help you sound extraordinary.




Dante Domain Manager Ready

Thanks to new firmware, Shure products including the Microflex® Advance MXA910 and MXA310 Array Microphones, the IntelliMix® P300 Audio Conferencing Processor and the ANI Audio Network Interfaces are now able to take advantage of Audinate’s network management software.



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Shure Conferencing Network

Extraordinary sound quality. It’s essential for the success of conferences and business meetings all over the world. Delegates and other participants need to engage easily and hear presentations with absolute clarity. Speakers want confidence that the conferencing system is easy to use and won’t let them down mid-presentation. It sounds simple. But, as you know, last-minute changes happen all the time and conference rental equipment needs can be complex. Specialized features and capabilities, as well as multi-room locations, are often required to support meeting objectives.

Sound familiar? Whether you are an event organizer or a conferencing equipment rental company, the Shure Conferencing Network (SCN) unravels this complexity to deliver conferencing systems that outperform the highest expectations. Learn more about SCN.

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Industry Recognition

New Study with IT professionals shows lack of appropriate AV technology for virtual meetings 

A recent survey of 401 business IT professionals and users representing more than 8,000 conference rooms, provided some surprising numbers about the future of conferencing. Download the full report here or watch the full session here.

IntelliMix Room Launch Event 

Digital Signal Processing is essential for achieving the highest quality audio experience during a video conference. However, when several mics are used in the same room results can vary. To address this challenge, Shure has now launched IntelliMix Room, the first audio processing software fully optimized for Shure conferencing microphones. Learn more at or watch the full session here

Find out how Voice Lift systems take communication to the next level 

The effect of Voice Lift in action is so subtle that many users don’t even realize there is a sound system until it is turned off. However, the implementation of voice lift in an AV conference system or meeting room environment can be complex. Interested in learning more on this topic? Check out this recent article or watch the full session here. 


Infocomm Seminar: Meeting Audio System Requirements for National and Local Government
Infocomm Seminar: Meeting Audio System Requirements for National and Local Government

The Evolving AV Industry – How manufacturers and channel adapt to the IT customer 

As networked audio technology has been adopted in the modern workplace to enable effortless collaboration and communication, there has been increasing demand for AV and IT to speak the same language. These two departments are required to work closely to plan and implement secure deployments that address IT workflows and requirements. Learn about Shure’s new content hub for IT professionals at


How to create efficient meetings spaces in the government and corporate sectors

This session by Antony Lovell addressed the unique challenges different government, public sectors and corporations must overcome in order to conduct efficient meetings and fulfill their stated functions. Simply adapting the latest available technology is not the best, long-term, answer to these multitude of requirements. Instead, the best thing to do is to take a step back and determine what the end customer would like to achieve. Watch the full feature here.