50th Anniversary Edition

Limited edition 50th anniversary cardioid microphone tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction with a unique silver finish, brightened mid-range and bass roll-off, a pneumatic shock mount system, and a built-in spherical pop filter.

SM58-50A: Dynamic Microphone, Cardioid, Silver finish, 3-pin XLR Connector

Product Details

Celebrating the anniversary of an icon

For over 50 years, the SM58® cardioid dynamic microphone has been acclaimed as one of the most popular microphones around the world. With an unmatched combination of audio quality and enduring design and construction, the SM58 has been a foundational and formidable part of live performance. To celebrate five decades as one of the highest profile products in the music industry, Shure releases the SM58-50A, a commemorative SM58 50th Anniversary Edition microphone.

How does the SM58 50th Anniversary Edition perform?

The technical specifications of the SM58-50A are an exact match to the current SM58 production specifications. The anniversary edition provides the same clarity and warmth in vocal reproduction as the SM58. The differences are cosmetic – a special silver finish, alongside printed references to the 50th Anniversary Edition.

SM58 50th Anniversary Edition Features and Benefits

Tuned to accentuate the warmth and clarity of lead and back-up vocals, the SM58 is a legendary, industry-standard live vocal microphone known for its rugged reliability on tour.

  • Dynamic microphone with a frequency response tailored for vocals, featuring brightened midrange and bass roll off
  • Best-in-class pneumatic shock-mount system cuts down handling noise
  • Protective grille with effective built-in spherical wind and pop filter
  • Legendary Shure quality, ruggedness and reliability
  • Includes SM58, microphone clip, storage bag, and user guide
  • 1 - Commemorative certificate, bumper sticker & photo
  • 1 - Historical user guide
  • 1 - Mic clip
  • 1 - Zipper bag



Microphone Clip


Shock Mount Microphone Clip


Microphone Windscreen


SM58 Replacement Grille


SM58-50A Videos


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