Consistent Audio Quality
in Every Room, Every Time

IntelliMix® Shure Digital Signal Processing Technology
Mastering sound,<br /> room after room.

Mastering sound,
room after room.

Ready to deploy in record time, IntelliMix brings more clarity to every meeting. Whether it’s one room or a thousand, the smart audio processing can handle any acoustic challenge and compatibility with third party codecs for video conferencing.
A built-in audio expert.

A built-in audio expert.

Steerable Coverage™ technology and IntelliMix automatic mixing on the MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone captures who's talking and shuts out all other sound. Paired with our Autofocus™ Technology, it continuously fine tunes in real time, providing consistent sound. Now that’s a true audio expert.
Bring more voices <br />to the table.

Bring more voices
to the table.

Scale your audio with the IntelliMix coverage with the IntelliMix P300 Processor. Now you can expand the setup to connect more microphones as well as laptops and even mobile devices.
Secure sound with <br />end-to-end encryption.

Secure sound with
end-to-end encryption.

Shure Network Audio Encryption utilizes AES-256 technology between Shure devices - so confidential information can always be discussed with confidence.

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