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The Audio Ecosystem, Part 5: Technology Partners

Chris Lyons | June 20, 2020
AV systems must work together to deliver the productivity that businesses & colleges need. Learn more about how Shure partners to help provide this capability.

The Audio Ecosystem, Part 4: Software

Chris Lyons | June 19, 2020
With AV conferencing everywhere, the pressure is on to find solutions that are quick and easy to manage. Software can help you achieve these goals.

The Audio Ecosystem, Part 3: Loudspeakers

Chris Lyons | June 18, 2020
While a mic converts sound into an electrical signal, a loudspeaker converts signal back to sound. Learn why this is an essential part of the audio ecosystem.

The Audio Ecosystem, Part 2: Digital Signal Processing

Chris Lyons | June 17, 2020
Meeting room sound needs to be both intelligible and natural Learn how digital signal processing helps achieve this.

The Audio Ecosystem, Part 1: Conferencing Microphones

Chris Lyons | June 15, 2020
For a successful conference call, sound needs to be both intelligible and natural. In this blog post, we’ll discuss the role of the microphone to obtain this.

Best Practices for Audio Security

Ronald Rousseau | April 2, 2020
Safeguarding confidential data on your IP network is a top priority. Shure has considered the unique security needs of our customers and developed technology to safeguard content without compromising audio quality.

Why Digital Signal Processing is a Game Changer for Audio Conferencing Hardware

Andrew Low | November 19, 2019
Business productivity is killed by audio distortion that results in meeting participants missing details. This is where DSP technology can assist.

Audio Processing - Why Your Video Conference Can’t Afford to be Without It

Andrew Low | November 14, 2019
Your clients’ worst meeting experiences come from being unable to hear details or needing information repeated. Learn how audio processing can help.

How Audio Quality Can Make or Break Small Business and Start Ups

Tyler Troutman | October 10, 2019
Opportunities are lost when the prospective clients on the other end of a phone or video conference can’t hear the pitch your team has prepared. Shure’s Market Development Specialist Tyler Troutman weighs in on how to arrive at the right solution.

Audio Takes on Higher Learning

John Ellis | September 12, 2019
Shure UK Systems Group Regional Sales Manager John Ellis explains why AV technologies that deliver great audio ensure that college and University students get the message.