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Shure Product Security

Corporate entities, government agencies and higher education institutions across the globe have trusted and relied on Shure to elevate their communication. 

Understanding devices, how they operate, and applying generally accepted security best practices are critical steps for any enterprise interested in securing their domain.

Simply put, knowing how Shure products behave on your network will enable a more secure integration into your environment.

Shure has a dedicated security team who strive to stay current on the latest technologies, industry developments, and best practices. If you have a security-related question, please email our security team at productsecurity@shure.com.

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Resources and Documents

Best Practices for Audio Security
Safeguarding confidential data on your IP network is a top priority. Shure has considered the unique security needs of our customers and developed technology to safeguard content without compromising audio quality.
Best Practices for Audio Security
Encryption-compatible Shure products 

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Shure on the Importance of Networked Audio Security

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Product Firmware Updates

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Shure Device IP Ports and Protocols

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