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Portable Listening Systems and Evolving Connectivity: A Webinar
In our next webinar, join Shure Product Manager Sean Sullivan as he discusses how to choose the best listening device for your lifestyle.
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KSE1500 versus KSE1200: Know Your Electrostatic Earphones
When the KSE1500 was introduced in 2015, Shure made portable high fidelity a reality. Sean Sullivan explains how the new KSE1200 makes it more …
From the shure blog
Shure KSE1500: An Audiophile ‘Legend’ is Born
Technology tends to move forward in tiny increments, but occasionally it takes a giant leap. And that's exactly what the audiophile expert Jude …
From the shure blog
Why Audiophiles Love Electrostatic Technology
There are several reasons why audiophiles have long prized electrostatic headphones for home listening. Sean Sullivan, Listening Product Manager for …