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How to Change Shure Earphone Sleeves


For more information about how to wear Shure earphones, visit http://www.shure.com Shure earphones feature sound-isolating technology that blocks background noise so you can hear music and movies clearly. A proper fit is essential to optimize sound isolation, bass response, and comfort during extended wear. If you don’t get a good seal, outside noise will leak in, and bass response will be greatly reduced.

To get a good fit, select the sleeve that best fits your ear. Because everyone’s ears are different, every Shure earphone comes with a Fit Kit containing sleeves in small, medium, and large sizes. Some models come with sleeves in different form factors and materials such as foam, rubber, and triple flange. There are dots on the back of the black foam sleeves that indicate the size.

To remove a sleeve, hold the earphone body and firmly twist and pull the sleeve off. If necessary, try using a tissue or cloth for better grip. Push the new sleeve onto the nozzle as far as it can go.