The University of Insubria Equips Classrooms and Auditorium with Shure Microflex Ecosystem

The University of Insubria Equips Classrooms and Auditorium with Shure Microflex Ecosystem

Customer Profile

Established in 1998, the University of Insubria is a public university located in Varese, Italy. It’s a young university with a strong focus on technology and innovation. They have been using the classic approach to teaching, consisting of a projector, gooseneck microphone and an amplification system, which was disrupted by the pandemic.


Following the lockdowns and the social distancing requirements, the university has decided to upgrade to a more flexible and scalable system. They started a renovation project for 30 classrooms and 1 auditorium. 

The system in the classrooms had to be managed remotely with ease and support hybrid education. Moreover, the teachers had to move freely in the classroom without any technological limitations. The system also had to be compatible with Microsoft Hub and Microsoft Teams.

The auditorium was meant to be used for graduation ceremonies, theater, conferences, meetings and more, so 100% flexibility was a must.


Shure Distributor in Italy, Prase and Italian System Integrator Adicom Group have tailored a solution to meet all the requirements of the university.

Luca Mondini, from the Information Systems Department of the University, oversaw the project and he explained his vision about the project as follows: "I designed the project to upgrade the audio-visual infrastructure of the classrooms with the aim of obtaining an environment in which teachers and students could experience the lesson naturally, enhanced by technology, never hindered by it"

Small classrooms with a seating capacity of 50 to 60 were upgraded with an MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphone (now MXA920 Ceiling Array Microphone) or an MXA710 Linear Array Microphone, depending on the room configuration. In all classrooms, the teacher will be able to turn their back at the students, write on the board or conduct demonstrations with other instruments leaning on the desk while still being picked up clearly. Due to the coverage lobes in the microphones, the whole area of the classroom stage is covered.

Large classrooms with a seating capacity of 150 to 300 students were upgraded with MXA910 Ceiling Array Microphones. This way, the same involvement for both the students sitting in the back rows and the ones sitting in the front is assured by sound reinforcement. Some of the larger classrooms are located in an old monastery with wooden beams in the ceiling.

All small and large classrooms were also equipped with MXN5W-C Networked LoudspeakersMXA Mute Button and IntelliMix P300 Audio Conferencing Processors. An acoustic inspection of the room was made to identify the optimal positioning of the MXN5C-W Networked Loudspeakers to use the technology in the best way possible. MXA Mute Button allows the teachers to take control of the voice output at any time with just the touch of a button to mute and unmute themselves. IntelliMix P300 enables better management of the audio signal, eliminates echo, reduces background noise and optimizes all parameters to ensure crystal-clear audio.

The audio solution was completed by 50” Microsoft Surface Hubs and Epson EB-L530U and EB-L630U Laser Projectors.

Finally, the auditorium was equipped with GLX-D Digital Wireless System and a handheld transmitter with the iconic SM58 capsule.


The University of Insubria is now fully equipped with a flexible and scalable system. There are no more cables to limit the teachers’ movements and the students have access to great audio from wherever they join the lessons. 

As the Shure products used in this project are Microsoft Teams Certified, there is a flawless connection between the microphones and Microsoft Teams/Hub. Click here to find out more about the ongoing partnership between Shure and Microsoft.

Since the audio system is designed to work together, the set-up is easy and quick, and the management/control can be done remotely by the tech team. 

“The networking of all the components, from the display to the speaker, simply opens up a new way of experiencing the lessons and the potential of the environments over the years and in different scenarios." concluded Cristina Avella – BU Multimedia Manager in Adicom Group.


Photo credit: Cristina Avella - BU Multimedia Manager in Adicom Group

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Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXN5W-C MXN5W-C 50 Microflex™ MXN5W-C Networked Loudspeaker
UA846Z2 UA846Z2 5 The UA846Z2 Frequency Manager connects up to six GLXD4R Rack Mount Receivers for rock-solid RF performance and increased channel count with the remote antenna flexibility required in multi-system applications.
IntelliMix IntelliMix P300 25 Audio conferencing processor offers IntelliMix DSP algorithms optimized for audio/video conferencing applications.
GLXD14R/SM31 GLXD14R/SM31 2 The SM31FH cardioid condenser microphone with digital transmission, designed for use in fitness instruction.
GLXD24R/SM58 GLXD24R/SM58 11 Industry standard microphone tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction with digital transmission.
MXA910 MXA910 13 The new MXA910 with IntelliMix® represents the next evolution in the Microflex® Advance™ Ceiling Array Microphone platform.
MXA MXA MUTE 23 Configurable PoE-powered mute button accessory designed for Shure networked audio products
CVG18 CVG18 -2 Gooseneck microphone provides elite performance with a 45.7 cm cable and inline preamplifier for use in installed sound reinforcement or conferencing.
WL185 WL185 4 Cardioid TQG lavalier microphone offers an interchangeable cartridge and consists of a rotatable tie clip, and snap-fit foam windscreen.
CVD-B CVD-B 1 Desktop base provides support for Centraverse 12" and 18" Gooseneck Microphones.
MXA710 MXA710 13 The linear form factor of the MXA710 with IntelliMix® allows for placement virtually anywhere in a meeting space, including on a wall, around a display, ceiling, or into a conference room table.
A-MXN5-TB A-MXN5-TB 35 A-MXN5-TB Tile Bridge for MXN5-C Microflex™ Networked Loudspeaker