Daimyo Conference Creates Comfortable, High-Class Event Experiences with Microflex Wireless

Daimyo Conference Creates Comfortable, High-Class Event Experiences with Microflex Wireless

Customer Profile

Japan Convention Services (JCS) was established in 1967 as the nation’s first convention planning and management company. It has organized numerous large-scale, international conferences and events over the years, including the 1970 Japan World Exposition (Osaka Expo), the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Summit, and the G7 Foreign Ministers' Meeting, in addition to other high-profile local commercial and academic conferences.

JSC also aims to support local communities and public projects. The company is involved in the development and operation of venues for the meeting industry and currently operates six MICE and 30 public facilities. One of these facilities is Daimyo Conference located in the Fukuoka Daimyo Garden City, a complex which is also home to upscale hotels, outdoor plazas, a startup hub and several other commercial buildings.


Daimyo Conference has a total of nine rooms, ranging from small meeting rooms to a large conference space that can accommodate up to 240 people. Venue layouts can be changed flexibly to suit event content, and can meet a variety of needs such as seminars, lectures, business meetings, social gatherings, and corporate trainings. 

From the early design stages, the facility was intended to feature world-class, luxurious yet functional interiors and equipment to meet the expectations and needs of domestic and international conference delegations. Understanding that “the more important the meeting, the more important the audio quality”, JSC sought the highest standard of audio equipment. In addition to supporting in-person conferences, the company also looked for solutions that could cater to the growing demand for hybrid and online meeting scenarios.

JSC initially considered Shure’s popular ceiling array microphones, especially for the main boardroom which features a marble-like built-in table and chandelier. However, the high ceiling and design of the chandelier restricted the installation of ceiling-mounted solutions. 

The company consequently opted for a different approach, turning to wired gooseneck microphones for the boardroom and wireless microphone systems for the various conference spaces. The choice of wireless system however required further consideration: The area around Daimyo Conference is a busy commercial complex with a challenging spectrum environment that demanded reliable wireless performance. 


In order to minimize the risk of audio dropouts due to interference, the conference spaces were equipped with Microflex Wireless. The system operates in the 1.9 GHz band and so avoids the crowded 800 MHz band. Daimyo Conference selected a combination of wireless Handheld and Bodyback Transmitters for sound reinforcement. Throughout the various meeting spaces, wired SM58 Handheld Microphones were also deployed to provide additional voice capture as needed.

The boardroom was fitted out with wired XLR Microflex Gooseneck Microphones connected to ANI4IN Audio Network Interfaces to convert the analog signals to Dante digital audio for easier routing and management via the facility’s IT infrastructures.

Integration partner Eizo System created end-to-end audio and video solutions that could be easily controlled via touch operation, for example using a tablet installed in the rooms. 


Since its opening in spring 2023, Daimyo Conference has hosted various meetings and events and already received numerous compliments on the quality of the sound. At one event, a large conference room was filled to capacity yet able to transmit clear sound all the way to back of the room, providing a comfortable experience for everyone in the audience. Daimyo Conference’s General Manager also commented on the ease of using multiple microphones in any room and highlighted the stable performance even during long events.

The venue’s technical staff also emphasized the great service provided by Shure's integration partner who have created an optimal solution that reduces preparation time and makes it easy to train operating staff and conference attendees on how to use the gear, removing any concerns or anxiety about system operation.

“Shure and Eizo System thoroughly understood our practical needs and worked patiently with us to realize the conference facility that we envisioned.”

Ryoko Matsuka, General Manager, Daimyo Conference


Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXWAPT8 MXWAPT8 1 8-channel wireless access point transceiver that assigns clean frequencies to wireless microphones for conferencing.
MXWAPT4 MXWAPT4 4 4-channel wireless access point transceiver that assigns clean frequencies to wireless microphones for conferencing.
MXW2/SM58 MXW2/SM58 19 Includes the MXW2 Handheld Transmitter and SM58 capsule for presentation and conferencing applications.
MXW1 MXW1 5 Hybrid bodypack transmitter offers compatibility with Microflex Wireless systems and includes input jack, and a belt clip for conferencing.
WL185 WL185 5 Cardioid TQG lavalier microphone offers an interchangeable cartridge and consists of a rotatable tie clip, and snap-fit foam windscreen.
MXWNCS8 MXWNCS8 1 8-port networked charging station charges handheld, bodypack, and boundary transmitters and gooseneck bases.
MXWNCS4 MXWNCS4 4 4-port networked charging station charges handheld, bodypack, and boundary transmitters and gooseneck bases.
MX410 MX410 12 Gooseneck (25,4 cm) microphone with Bi-Color LED or light ring status display
MX400DP MX400DP 12 Desktop base mounts MX405, MX410 and MX415 Microflex miniature gooseneck microphones.
ANI4IN ANI4IN 3 Audio network interface brings up to 4 analog wired microphones onto Dante.
ANIUSB-MATRIX ANIUSB-MATRIX 1 Audio network interface connects up to 4 Dante channels and 1 analog output to a room's audio and video conferencing system via USB connection.
ANI22 ANI22 1 Audio network interface allows 2 analog mic or line inputs and 2 analog outputs to connect to a Dante network for easy audio routing and convenient browser-based remote control.
SM58 SM58 15 Legendary cardioid vocal microphone tailored to deliver warm and clear vocal reproduction.
IntelliMix® Room IntelliMix® Room 1 IntelliMix® Room is digital signal processing (DSP) software designed to optimize the performance of Shure networked microphones with videoconferencing software.