Flexible Microflex Wireless System brings consistent user experience to City University of Hong Kong

Flexible Microflex Wireless System brings consistent user experience to City University of Hong Kong

Customer Profile

City University of Hong Kong is a dynamic, fast-growing university that is pursuing excellence in research and professional education. As a publicly-funded institution, the University is committed to nurturing and developing students' talents and creating applicable knowledge to support social and economic advancement. The University has nine Colleges/Schools. As part of its pursuit of excellence, the University aims to recruit outstanding scholars from all over the world in various disciplines, including business, creative media, energy and environment, science and engineering, humanities and social sciences, law, veterinary medicine and life sciences, and data science. 


CityU operates more than 150 spaces across its campus, including lecture theaters, classrooms, teaching studios, and event spaces. The scale of its audiovisual infrastructure has made system management a complex issue for technical support staff.

The university’s existing wireless microphone systems also posed challenges for everyday users. Audio quality and signal reception were poor which affected the classroom and remote learning experience. The university’s 2,500+ academic staff were also required to collect microphones for every class. Sharing of devices caused concerns around hygiene and safety following the pandemic. 


CityU selected the Microflex Wireless (MXW) System for its advanced wireless technologies and networked management capabilities.

Each teaching staff now has their own microphone for use in any classroom across the campus. Before starting the lesson, teachers simply plug their microphone into the MXW Charging Station and press the “Link” button on the unit to connect with the local MXW Access Point Transceiver (APT). The APT automatically handles frequency coordination and management to ensure stable wireless performance and avoid any interference. The networked Charger and APT are further linked to the classroom sound system which is also integrated with Zoom to ensure remote students can clearly hear and follow the discussions. 

To simplify audio system management across campus, CityU has also been heavily utilizing AV-over-IP. This has enabled the university to centrally manage its spaces and save maintenance costs. The networked MXW system further adds flexibility by allowing the university to easily manage the campus-wide system deployment through the MXW software application. All wireless microphones are listed in a single interface and equipment status can be monitored across the network.


Through the wireless system upgrade, CityU’s academic staff and programs are now enabled with clear, high-quality audio, stable performance, and uninterrupted operation. 

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Gear List

Model Number Quantity Description
MXWNCS2 MXWNCS2 100 2-port networked charging station allows handheld, bodypack, and boundary transmitters to charge in 1 port for each.
MXWAPT2 MXWAPT2 100 2-channel wireless access point transceiver that assigns clean frequencies to wireless microphones for conferencing.
MXW2/SM58 MXW2/SM58 Includes the MXW2 Handheld Transmitter and SM58 capsule for presentation and conferencing applications.
MXW1 MXW1 Hybrid bodypack transmitter offers compatibility with Microflex Wireless systems and includes input jack, and a belt clip for conferencing.