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Mobile Recording with MOTIV

The best recording studio might be one that you can fit in your pocket. Here's a look at everything you can do with digital recording solutions designed for your favorite mobile devices.
September, 23 2015 |

You have almost everything you need right now to produce professional quality audio recordings with the mobile devices you already own. The only thing you're missing is a mobile-friendly external microphone that you can use to create videos and podcasts, capture a lecture or sermon, record that guitar lick you just nailed, or grab a quick man-on-the-street interview. That's where MOTIV™ Digital Microphones and Recording Solutions come in.

Why do you need MOTIV?

Internal mics have their limitations. The rock-steady Mac platform still reigns supreme for most pro audio applications, but Apple's tiny internal mics, designed primarily for speech applications like voice memos, were not intended for professional recording. MacBook and iMac users have paired recording software with USB mics for a decade or more to get great results in recording music, but until the last few years, there wasn't really a practical solution for mobile users with a wider range of recording needs.

MOTIV products are game-changers for anyone who wants to create high-fidelity recordings on the go. Here's why:

  • Technical expertise is optional. DSP preset modes are available for the average user. Knowledge of ProTools, Audacity or even GarageBand is not a prerequisite.
  • These microphones are cardioid condensers, which can produce studio-quality recording.
  • Most are MFi-certified by Apple. That guarantees a firm digital handshake between your MOTIV product and your iOS device, if that's what you use.
  • They have a small form factor, making them as portable as your mobile device or laptop.
  • You can monitor while recording through your device's headphone jack.
  • A separate audio interface isn't required for most applications. (The exception: instruments run through a DI box, but there's a solution for those, too.)
  • Depending on your mobile device, Mac or PC, you won't need a separate power source.
    These solutions work with the recording software you're probably already using.
  • One model, the MV88, allows you to record in stereo, which is perfect for concerts, events, and field and video recording.

And here's maybe the best news of all: MOTIV products range in price from $69 to $199, making them an affordable choice for many.

Added Bonus: The ShurePlus™ MOTIV Mobile Recording App

Designed for use with all MOTIV products, the app allows real-time adjustments and enhanced hardware functionality. The easy-to-use interface provides quality sound at 24-bit/48 kHz for clear audio, as well as easy file sharing.


Which MOTIV product is right for you?

Buying a digital mic for your mobile device is, in many ways, no different than buying any other kind of mic. To narrow the field, start by asking yourself two questions, and you'll be well on your way to making the best decision:

  • What am I trying to mic (a band, a lecture, a podcast)?
  • Where am I planning to do it (in a club, in a classroom, in an office)?

Here's the MOTIV lineup, with insights about features and applications from Shure Product Marketing Specialist Thomas Banks.



  • Up to 24-bit/48kHz
  • 5 DSP Preset Modes: Speech, Singing, Acoustic, Loud, Flat
  • iPhone, iPod and iPad Compatible
  • Adjustable Width Mid-Side Stereo
  • Lightning Cable Included
  • 90o Hinge with Left/Right Rotation
  • Ideal for: Stereo Field Recording, With or Without Video

Thomas says: "Use it for concert applications, even for classical concert applications. It's appropriate even if you're doing audio recording with more than a guitar, bass and drums, or shooting a birthday party where the kids are running back and forth from one side of the frame to the other…it's very compelling when you hear that on a set of speakers in playback."

Learn more about the MV88 →




  • Up to 24-bit/48kHz
  • 5 DSP Preset Modes: Speech, Singing, Acoustic, Loud, Flat
  • iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, PC and Android Compatible
  • Lightning and USB Cables Included
  • 3.5mm (1/8") Headphone Output
  • Includes an Integrated Kickstand for Tabletop Use and a Microphone Stand Adapter for Traditional Mounting
  • Ideal for: Podcasting, Vocals and Instruments

Thomas says: "It's perfect for anything that the preset modes suggest. You can place it in front of an acoustic guitar, a singer, or someone who's doing a speech, a voiceover or a podcasting application. It's great in front of a guitar cabinet if you're doing dubbing or overdubbing a recording on your Mac. One feature that we think customer will love is the cap panel control. It's activated by touch, the same as an iPhone."

Learn more about the MV51 →


  • Up to 24-bit/48kHz
  • 3 DSP Preset Modes: Voice, Instrument, Flat
  • iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, PC and Android Compatible
  • Lightning and USB Cables Included
  • Ideal for: Vocal and Instrument Recording

Thomas says: "This is a great desktop studio mic. It includes a stand for easy mounting to a camera tripod. Like all the other mics in the MOTIV line, one of the DSP presets is Flat. That means that no DSP is being applied, as more experienced users may want a neutral sound. The ShurePlus MOTIV mobile app that comes with all the mics in the line also allows users to make adjustments to fit the sound source."

Learn more about the MV5 →


  • Up to 24-bit/48kHz
  • 5 DSP Preset Modes: Speech, Singing, Acoustic, Loud, Flat
  • iPhone, iPod, iPad, Mac, PC and Android Compatible
  • Lightning and USB Cable Included
  • Phantom Power: +48 USB/+12V iOS
  • Ideal for: Recording with Any XLR Microphone or ¼" Instrument

Thomas says: "This is for a more advanced user: someone who may be moving into the digital capture realm and wants to plug their XLR mic or instrument into a laptop/desktop Mac/PC or iOS device. It has the same five preset modes as the MV88 and the MV51, a nice DI box, and a Class A pre-amplifier. It's a great way to make your voice or guitar sound really nice before plugging it into your computer or your microphone."

Learn more about the MVi →


  • iPhone, iPod, iPad and Android Compatible
  • Powered through 1/8" (3.5mm) TRRS connector
  • Ideal for: Close-Mic Speech Recording Applications

Thomas says: "This is the one model in the MOTIV line that is not digital, but MVL is a very convenient lapel/lavalier mic that talkers will find useful for recording. It's also great for videographers who may want to accurately capture something like the exchanging of vows in a wedding ceremony. It plugs right in to the headphone jack of any iOS or Android device with recording capabilities and can be hidden easily in a pocket or clothing."

Learn more about the MVL →


Want to learn more about MOTIV?

MOTIV products are available for sale through select Shure Authorized Retailers. Visit to learn more and to purchase MOTIV products.

Davida Rochman
A Shure associate since 1979, Davida Rochman graduated with a degree in Speech Communications and never imagined that her first post-college job would result in a lifelong career that had her marketing microphones rather than speaking into them. Today, Davida is a Corporate Public Relations Manager, responsible for public relations activities, sponsorships, and donation programs that intersect with Shure at the corporate and industry level.

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