Handsfree Mode Adds Touchless Convenience to MXCW Wireless Conference System

Chris Lyons | November 9, 2021 Handsfree Mode Adds Touchless Convenience to MXCW Wireless Conference System


Meetings can encompass a wide range of situations and conversation styles, from informal training seminars to formal legislative proceedings.  The Microflex Complete Wireless conference system (MXCW) offers a choice of microphone activation options to fit the dynamics of any meeting. 


Handsfree Mode Enables Touchless Convenience

The newest option is Handsfree Mode, which is available with firmware version 7.0 or later.  Handsfree operation permits free-flowing conversation and offers touchless convenience in less formal meeting environments.  In Handsfree Mode, the microphone is voice-activated automatically when a participant speaks, and turned off when they are finished.  There’s no need to press a button or wait for permission.  The microphone LED illuminates to inform the participant that their microphone is live.

Automatic Mode Provides Push-to-Talk Freedom

Some types of meetings benefit from greater control over microphone activation.  At a training seminar, for example, it may be desirable for participants to be able to have small group conversations before asking the presenter a question.  In this situation, the MXCW system’s Automatic Mode allows instant mic activation by pushing the speak button.  The maximum number of active microphones (up to eight) can be set in the MXCW graphical user interface.

Manual Mode Follows Rules of Order

At a city council meeting or other legislative session, it’s common to follow prescribed rules of order which may dictate that representatives must be formally recognized by the chairperson before speaking.  The MXCW system’s Manual Mode provides complete control of the speaking order in such cases.  Representatives press the button on their conference unit to request permission to speak, and their name or seat number appears on the request list viewed by the chairperson, secretary, or clerk.  They have the ability to remotely activate microphones in the order requests were received or in any order desired.

With the addition of Handsfree Mode with firmware 7.0, the Microflex Complete Wireless conference system can pivot quickly between casual discussions, larger more controlled meetings, and formal legislative sessions at a moment’s notice.  Combined with reliable wireless operation and freedom from cable limitations, MXCW is the ideal meeting audio solution – whenever and wherever you need to meet.

Chris Lyons

Chris Lyons

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